Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Democrats To Military - Screw'em

Pelosi, Reid and other liberal, progressive and socialist members of Congress believe their stated goal of losing the War on Terror, Iraq and Afghanistan will give them cover for their long held hope of marginalizing and then destroying the military.

The members of Congress supporting Pelosi and Reid, such as Waxman, Sherrod Brown, Conyers, Kucinich, Schumer, Levin, Keith Ellison, Chaka Fattah, Barney Frank, Jesse Jackson Jr, Charlie Rangle, Pete Starkravingmad and Bernie the socialist Sanders, are a motley crew of anti-military activists.
Army Civilians Could Receive Furlough Notices by Christmas
Some members of Congress have responded by saying the Pentagon has funds to continue operations through March, but a Pentagon spokesman today said furlough notices for Army employees could start going out the middle of this month. The employees would not be furloughed until after Christmas, but some contracts require a 60-day notice if the furlough will be longer than 60 days, Defense Department spokesman Bryan Whitman told reporters
at the Pentagon. The department is using fiscal 2008 funds – not part of the supplemental funding needed – to keep operations going in the war on terror, he explained. “Anyone who thinks that this is not a serious situation is simply misinformed or is ignoring the facts. We have tried to be as matter of fact as we can on this, but the reality is that we are using our program budget for FY 08 … to fund our operations in Iraq and Afghanistan,” Whitman said. DoD is using
its readiness funding, or operations and maintenance accounts, which typically pay for training, supplies, and maintenance of weapons and equipment.

It seems Congress wants the military to budget like them which is a day late and a dollar short except Congress won't give the military the right to print money. So, the military has to borrow from next year's budget, in the middle of a war, to pay for this year's budget as punishment for doing their jobs so well.

Why aren't voters up in arms about this? Why isn't the media? Where are more blogs? What will it take for the nation to scream from the roof tops that members of Congress and our government are stabbing our soldiers in the back? Those that say Congress is using funding to get their point across won't admit that our troops are being used as pawns, pawns that get killed so that some in Congress can speak at a leftist rally or raise more campaign money from anti-military and anti-American groups such as:

Institute for Policy Studies,, National Priorities Project, Jobs with Justice Campaign, Peace Action, Americans for Democratic Action, Progressive Democrats of America, the NAACP, ACLU, Progressive Majority, League of United Latin American Citizens, Rainbow/Push Coalition, National Council of La Raza, Hip Hop Caucus, Human Rights Campaign, Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs, National Hip Hop Political Convention, and the Democratic Socialists of America to name a few with Kos, Atrios, Firedoglake, Yglesias, Anybody's Huffington and other bloggers such as Mother Jones and Peace Blogs.

Fine group, eh? Represents America, huh? No, they don't. They represent a fringe of the Democratic Party which is shamelessly pandering to them. Some will say these people are just Americans offering another point of view of what America could become. That is partially right, because it would be an America but on lies, twisted logic, outdated and failed political theories and by stabbing the best of America in the back.

Unlike in the past, these people now hold positions of power in the House, the Senate, federal and state government bureaucracies, in education, unions and money groups within the political structure. This is not a conspiracy, it is a political campaign spread over decades of elections that has campaigned to remold America in their world view. It is a view few Americans would like because it is a campaign that starts with having America admitting that what we stand for is wrong. To finally be able to make "America's" admission of wrongdoing to the world their campaign to consolidate power must succeed.

As their movement grows in age it is ironic that these people and groups exude the same sense of entitlement they originally wanted to topple and was their stated purpose for starting their campaign. The protesters have become the money elite. The children who thought their parents politically and spiritually vacuous have now become their parents of another stripe, but the same none-the-less. They want to become what they detested the most, the moral majority.

That they are not the majority in America is of little concern to those who feel they have the right and the righteousness to make up the difference between their numbers and 50% plus one vote needed to tell America what is right.

They're wrong though and always have been, but who's going to convince them now they have their blood lust up with America's soul in their sights? Those that bill themselves as the most caring now will sacrifice whatever and whomever to attain their goals and they're starting with our military.

More importantly, who will stop them?