Sunday, June 10, 2012

Gutless Gore And Sherry Brown Run Away As Usual

Yesterday afternoon at Netroots Nation in Providence, RI, I attempted to ask the embattled Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) about his campaign, specifically his record as the deciding vote for Obamacare.

Obama Risks It All, Including The World, For Re-Election

Bush gets blamed again! And, according to Obama, once again he had to clean up the mess!! Poor baby.

A group of Mossad agents speaking with Haaretz’s Yossi Melman on condition of anonymity have said that the Mossad – and not the Bush administration – developed Stuxnet, and that President Obama is now trying to take credit for it in a bid to help his reelection campaign (Hat Tip: MFS – The Other News via Atlantic Wire). Please recall the David Sanger piece in the New York Times about Stuxnet, which I blogged last week, which claimed that the Bush administration had begun developing Stuxnet, that President Obama had ordered it accelerated, and that Israel had only joined in later. Now, look at what Melman has to say about it.

The Israeli officials actually told me a different version. They said that it was Israeli intelligence that began, a few years earlier, a cyberspace campaign to damage and slow down Iran’s nuclear intentions. And only later they managed to convince the USA to consider a joint operation — which, at the time, was unheard of. Even friendly nations are hesitant to share their technological and intelligence resources against a common enemy.
Risk our national security? Risk Israel? Risk a regional war?  Why not? It's all worth it to get reelected as President of the United States and with all the chaos that president and his big government would just have to gain more power to keep us all safe.

Oh, and Obama is just getting started: John McCain told CNN today the Obama Administration is behind the security leaks.