Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Voting Is My Calling, I Return Those Calls Often

"The Ohio primary isn't for another five weeks, but voters can actually begin casting ballots today." Pretty much says it all in that one sentence. Voters casting ballots. Ballots. Plural.

Remember when Jennifer Brunner was all against voter ID to stop voter fraud because making sure a voter was who they said they were was actually an evil plot to suppress the vote? Voter suppression doesn't seem to bother Jennifer now, what with all her new rulings that she is being forced to enforce, like making a voter swear on somebody’s secret decoder ring that they really are a part of the party they want to vote for if they're switching parties. At the polling station in front of other people. Before you will be allowed to vote. Unless you're a Greenie, Commie or Socialist voter because then you're exempt.

Absentee voting is rife with fraud through out the country and has been for years. It used be an accurate joke that Chicago's dead came back to life at least once every four years just to vote. I personally was told in a Louisiana parish office that a local citizen, at the time approximately 150 years old, had never missed a vote and never would. Now, it appears the nation is voting as never before.

Grannies with dementia are voting numerous times from their nursing home beds while facility workers turn a blind eye as they put the bribe in their pocket. Campaign workers from out of state are making sure their absentee ballots are in here in Ohio before they return back to their states where presumably they voted absentee as well. Friendly volunteers, usually from out of state, help not just the elderly, but also the insane, the mentally incapacitated, the drunks and of course the homeless to fill out the absentee ballot for the candidate of their choice. The volunteer’s choice.

Proponents use all kinds of bogus excuses such as it increases voting when in actuality it doesn't and in many cases decreases the number of ballots cast. But those proponents know this and they don't care because in reality, absentee voting is just another way to steal elections in the name of "protecting" the validity of the vote.

Code Pink Once Again Crushes Freedom Of Speech With The Oppression Of Lies

Code Pink, as predictable as crap in a crap house.

At what point will Code Pink shout down other lying war mongers and speak their truth to power schtick.

Boxer: Senate floor Oct. 3, 2002: "I do not doubt that Iraq is up to no good. I know they are. That is why I voted for the Iraq Liberation Act. We know that Iraq has biological and chemical weapons and that they used them against Iran and against its own Kurdish minority. We know that following the Persian Gulf war, Iraq promised to abide by the demands of the U.N. but failed to live up to its commitment. They have not allowed unfettered inspections. They have lied about chemical and biological weapons programs. And they continue to seek the capability to produce nuclear weapons."

Maybe Code Pink will catch Karl Rove and Barbara Boxer in bed together again at some point in the near future.