Thursday, October 29, 2009

Obama Campaign/DNC Loves Desecrated Flag

In a move so unsurprising it should spawn a yawn:

According to the Organizing for American Web site, the 20 finalists in the “Health Reform Video Challenge” were chosen by a panel of “qualified” Democratic National Committee “employee judges.”

This should win over some people, but the question is, which people and why would any group want them?

Obama, Instead of McChsrystal Light, Why Not McChrystal Heavy?

When someone comes to me and asks for a specific number of workers, my first question is why that number? I may continue with something along the lines of, is that number stated because you think I'll say fewer? Then I'd ask why not fifty percent more?

'McChrystal Light': Obama considering scaled-down war plan...

In the military it is not just dollars and cents (have we started using the Yen yet?), it is about success and lives. By going light, Obama is sending a clear message to our enemy and that enemy knows that now is the time to step up their attacks and cowardly terror acts used purposely to kill civilians. 'McChrystal Light' will kill more of our troops and fewer of the terrorists. It will win over fewer tribal leaders. They understand the basics of war which each day shows Obama and team have not a clue about. A potential tribal leader ally doesn't read polls. Obama and team do.

Obama should have asked General McChrytal about sending 60,000 troops. He should have asked if 20,000 troops over McChrystals request would make a major difference in terms of success of the over all mission.

McChrystal Light is a sissy's way out which will embolden our enemy in Afghanistan to be bigger neighborhood bullies to terrorize the tribes into believing that America is, once again, a sissy. No, not our troops, not our military leaders, but those in the White House sipping their cocktails, playing generals, politicos and poll parsing sissies.

I'd send a message to our troops, our citizens and our enemy with 60,000 soldiers. That would support the former two and crush the latter in deed and in spirit.

Excellent Advice On NY-23

I have long countered that 3rd parties are destructive to Republicans and dilute the power of the people. NY-23 is an example of the antithesis in that locals are sending a clear message that machine politics is wrong for Republicans.

Newt Gingrich has become embroiled in the hopes of retaining a unified Republican showing at the polls, which is laudable, but is also interference in local politics, which is not laudable.

Instapundit has some excellent advice which to me cuts the Gordian knot of this conundrum:

To my mind, it’s more important — that people not divide into permanently warring camps than that anything in particular happen in this election. The nice thing about NY-23 is that it’s an opportunity to send a message at low cost, but the cost won’t be low if it produces long-running enmity. Instead, it should be a spur for people to get involved in politics at the state and local level now, rather than complaining about the nominees later.

A Republican Party filled with activists that work together and ignore the petty politics of "my way is the only true way" will lead us back out of the nightmare that is Washington, DC today.