Sunday, October 05, 2008

Early This Morning Backyard

Friday Night Football, Ohio

Douglass K. Daniel: Another Journalistic Embarrassment For Obama

Analysis: Palin's words carry racial tinge

Daniels should get out more. Now that CBGB's is closed, Daniels parents have no place to take him on Wednesday nights.

Obama Admits To Being Pal With Murderer Ayers

Obama worked with him and spent time with him, but just like with Jeremiah Wright, Obama never heard that Ayers was a murdering thug that hated America and later said that he should have done more to destroy America.

Biden Hidin' Botox Or Just Wearin' More Makeup Than Palin?

I was just sayin'.


So, is it Botoxic Biden or Madeup Joe?

Democrats' Greed Caused Crisis

AP's Douglass K. Daniel, Racist

Daniel suggests that Palin is a liar for saying that Obama and Ayers are pals. I guess wasting $160 million together is just done between strangers.

Palin's words carry racial tinge

Hey, he didn't call Jenny Backus, a Democratic strategist, a sexist for calling Palin a "fluffy bunny" who is incapable of being taken seriously. Backus thinks Palin is just another dumb broad.

Oh, I'm sorry, blacks can't be racist and women can't be sexist. Right?

If Daniel's is analysis, it is some sorry analysis at best, "if not outright false." And Daniel's a racist for crying race everytime someone tells the truth about or disagrees with Obama. Obama is black, ok? Get over it liberals. Nobody cares.

What I care about is his ultra liberal politics and friends. Obama would be bad for America.

If you think that makes me a racist, go screw yourselves.

This Ain't Hell has more. Go read a well done piece:

Where did Douglass Daniel, the author, get the “not like us” quote? It wasn’t from Palin…it was from Obama himself who’s fond of reminding his zombies that Republicans are going to continually remind voters that Obama is not like us and has a funny name.So Daniel and the AP have taken to using Obama quotes and inserting them in articles about his Republican opponents in quotations as if the Republicans and not Obama said it.

This is just great, Daniel uses Obama's words, out of context, and falsely uses the to paint Palin as a racist. Daniel isn't just a racist, he is a liar.

IF Fascism 'Joins' Republicans, Democrats Should Rejoice!

IF any Republicans start using fascist thought, and especially fascist programs, Democrats will be able to rightfully rejoice that Republicans have seen their light and are on the path of truth, equality and justice, Democrat style.

In his book 'Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning' , Jonah Goldberg rightfully points out that socialism's twin is fascism and the path Democrats and liberals in American have embarked is 'soft fascism.' That socialism is the father of liberalism is undeniable, but it appears that the most offensive quality of Hitler and Mussolini is that they used military tactics as a method to streamline and manage those who disagreed with them. Here in America, liberal fascists just marginalize those that disagree as 'Red Staters' who are dumb hicks who are to be ridiculed and dismissed from the 'real' political process.

Kill'em cold or cold shoulder murder, it doesn't matter, liberal fascism wins, but only if liberal fascists continue the mantra that Republicans are the REAL fascists, not them.