Friday, October 29, 2010

Tell 'Our Future Ohio' PAC We Need Transparency In Government. Not More Democrat Schemes...

I guess this flier that just came in the mail is over and above the $2.5M that Our Future Ohio PAC magically got to spend on TV for Tedious Ted Strickland. It is heavy gauge stock, 4 color and 8 1/2 X 11. I'm sure they had it designed, printed, delivered and bulk mailed in just one week.

Of course, OFO PAC wants voters to think that John Kasich caused the meltdown of our economy. If they can get voters to think about that then voters won't remember Fannie and Freddie being protected by Democrats as housing prices continue to plummet. Nor do Democrats like Strickland/Fisher/Pelosi/Reid and Obama want voters to think about Trillion$ spent by big government liberals using Chinese loans to print worthless money while Ohio jobs were lost or moved out of state to the tune of 400,000.

Our Future Ohio PAC wants "transparency." OFO PAC wants transparency? When in Hell will Our Future Ohio PAC be transparent and tell voters who gave them millions of dollars to try to influence our election here in Ohio?

They won't tell voters where they got the money because the money is probably dirty money, not Ohio money or, possibly foreign money.

Transparency? The deceivers at OFO PAC wouldn't know transparency unless someone paid them bags full of cash to look it up in a dictionary.

As Cover For Their Crimes, Dems Ask DOJ To Investigate Tea Party At Polls

As election irregularities pile up nationwide Democrats are asking Obama's DOJ to investigate everyone, but them.

Sheila Jackson Lee wants DOJ to monitor tea partiers at polls

Lee says the tea party group is sending in poll watchers who have been trained to aggressively monitor voters by standing directly behind them.

Reports: Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Broke Laws at Polling Place, Harassed Poll Watchers

Disasters R US: Chucky Chewing On Reid's Rear

I love the use of the word subtly. Chucky wouldn't know subtle if it wafted in and whispered nothing in his ear.

As Reid Falters, Schumer Subtly Stands in the Wings

But several people close to him say he has spent considerable time in the Senate trying to dispel an image that hung over him in the House: that of the sharp-elbowed politician who puts his own interest ahead of his party’s, a reputation that has led him to move very cautiously at the moment. In addition, leadership elections can be unpredictable and Mr. Durbin has his own advantages, like his support among the more liberal Senate Democrats.

Chucky "subtly stands in the Wings." Are there now no cameras in "the Wings"?

Our Future Ohio PAC Says Kasich Ashamed Of His Money, Won't Divulge Their Secret Money Source

Where did you get $2.5M in cash Melamed? Afraid to say? Ashamed?

You have a kitchy ad on TV saying John Kasich is hiding something. What are you hiding?

Huh? I can't hear you.

Obama's Arrogance, Union's Alinsky Tactics And Pure Corruption At Core Of Democrat Meltdown

Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit has hinted at the edges of the upcoming election about the dissatisfaction of different Democrat groups with Obama and the upcoming elections, but this article drills to the core of the dissatisfaction which points to the lies and corruption by which Obama gained power. The Democrats staged a coup d'├ętat on their own. And it wasn't bloodless.

An Open Letter to Rush Limbaugh and His Listeners — With Notes on the Democrat Civil War Already In Progress

It will be interesting, there has been no play in the media yet, to see if the blatant thuggery and vote fixing that unions and other leftist groups are using in this election will finally bubble to the top as news stories, investigations and convictions. This is not the usual "You'll get a fair trial before we hang you" situation because there is proof of corruption and the proof shows that the corruption is getting worse.

Here in Ohio we have the usual union towns like Cleveland, Youngstown, Akron and Toledo which are sure votes for the Democrats because unions own those towns, they own the media in those towns and the town officials are acolytes to the unions. Also, we have groups popping up, like Our Future Ohio PAC, just before the election being funded by secret groups specifically to trash anybody that doesn't drink the union/liberal kool-aid and the media, their media, isn't even asking questions. The media can't because they're too busy toeing the union/liberal lie about rich Republicans and evil foreign donors to the USCOC and how that is a danger to our democracy. Our Democracy.

We're a Republic and their "democratic" anti-American ideals are washing over the country, our elections and our ideals in an attempt to take our Republic away from us.

Read the above article. It say what others only whisper. The Obama administration screwed its own just to get elected and now is screwing America. And all of it is based on lies and corruption.

Pure corruption. It's ugly.