Thursday, February 10, 2011

Obama Is Not Ignorant He Is Stupid

He didn't see the events in Egypt. He has no idea what to do since the events in Egypt have changed..

The man is in the deep end when he should be wearing water wing in the shallow end,

The man, in so many categories, is stupid.

He is not ignorant. That would be kind.

He is stupid.

Dumber than a box of rocks.

Cut $100 Billion? Why Not $500 Billion? A Trillion?

Government has grown by ridiculous proportions since Team Obama took over, but government has grown massively for 20 plus years including when Republicans had control.

Republicans promise $100 billion in spending cuts

If the personage in Congress and the White House don't understand the concept of limited government they might pick up a copy of the United States Constitution and since they are not busy reading the legislation they are passing maybe the could bone up on what our founders had to say about the correct role of government.
Yeah, like that is going to happen. They could have one of their $120,000 staffers read to them. If those people can read.

Ron Paul Supporters Prove They're Not Conservative Republican Smart

CPAC - Ron Paul's dEvolution has some really good people, but has been hijacked by some complete idiots. Huh? Well, to highlight their support of America they embarrass the pre-eminent conservative convention, a conservative former Secretary of Defense and a conservative former Vice President of the United States of America. This current Team Paul isn't libertarian, they are idiotarian and it shows.

Paul Supporters Hijack Cheney-Rumsfeld Reunion

One Paul Foolian screamed "War criminal" at Cheney which has the Foolian's brothers and sisters at DU cheering. The MSM has already picked up the story (otherwise they would have ignored CPAC) and is, with the help of these morons, attempting to make conservatives look bad.

Good Lord, how far is this group from passing out copies of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and whispering Illuminati conspiracies. Oh, wait...

They're not very bright.

Mubarak 'Hiding' Under Obama Bus

It is reported that Hosni Mubarak with step down from power in a recorded address to Egypt. The recording was supposedly recorded yesterday. Mubarak, it is reported, has been in negotiations for his removal. It is not being reported with whom Mubarak has been negotiating with.

After thirty years in partnership with the United States and Israel Mubarak has been prodded by the Obama administration to step aside. It appears that Obama has thrown Mubarak under the proverbial Obama bus, but it is also apparent that not only did Washington not see this coming, Washington and the administration have no idea what will happen in Egypt with the departure of Mubarak.

Once Mubarak steps down we will have to idly sit aside and watch whether it will be Islamofascists such as the Muslim Brotherhood, the military or pro-democracy forces that will take power. There is no other way to look at this than as a total failure by the Obama administration.

If the worst happens Israel will be the first to feel the wrath of this failure and then free nations around the world will have to brace for best trained and best equipped military in the Middle East to start making moves led by religious fanatics.

Total. Failure.

Lactivists Or Boobs In Public?

Why is it necessary to breast feed in public? It isn't. Why is it inappropriate to breast feed in public, especially in a museum on the National Mall? Because families, as in children, are in attendance and many people find it too personal and a form of public nudity. It is also inappropriate because there are perverts and voyeurs who will be titillated by such public events.

Dozens plan 'nurse-in' at Hirshhorn to highlight right to breast-feed in public

Aita, a stay-at-home mother from Rockville, said she couldn't find anywhere to sit in the restroom, so she returned to the bench. The guard then told her to try sitting on the toilet. When she moved to another bench instead, another Smithsonian guard told her to stop.

"I was shocked," Aita said Tuesday as her 11-month-old, Elaine, chattered away. "What's wrong with nursing? But I wasn't sure of my rights and the law, so I told my husband: 'Let's just go home.' "

There, Aita jumped online and learned of the Right to Breastfeed Act, signed into law by President Bill Clinton in 1999 as part of an appropriations bill. The law ensures a woman's right to breast-feed her child on any federal property where she and her infant are otherwise permitted.

Benches in federally owned properties such as the Hirshhorn, for instance.

Cue the outrage.

Aita was "shocked." Well, I am shocked that it was Bill Clinton who signed a bill allowing public showing of breasts, It must have been in his "blue" period.

Talk about boobs in public. That should be the outrage.