Thursday, November 09, 2006

Chafee proves he's a loser twice in three days

Lincoln Chaffee, who got bounced out of his Senate seat for not being liberal enough, is said to be making one of his final anti-American stances to be a "block" on John Bolton as our official ambassador to the United Nations.

We should have beaten Rhode Island to the punch and thrown his punk ass out years ago.

Lincoln Chaffee is unworthy of the title Senator. I hope someone "canes" him in the chamber.

Montana softens after Brokeback?

Brokeback Mountain Softens Up Montana?

"Brokeback Mountain" may not have won the Oscar for last year's best movie, but it may have softened up some of the tough-guy crowd in Montana.
Oh, please don't go there. Please, please, pretty please. (Forcing imagery out of my head)

Nanny State

You’re a big boy/girl now – Act like it

We can't enforce important laws we already have, but now we're enacting stupid laws we don't need.

Keg laws
Helmut Laws
Seatbelt Laws
Banning of Trans-Fatty Food
State Liquor Stores
The taking of private land for the "good of all”
Banning the Ten Commandments
Calling opinion “hate speech”
Banning Internet Gambling
Ordering stupid “precautions” on products such a Drano telling people not to drink it
No Smoking Laws

What’s next? A law stating that Lap Dances cannot be performed in a lap? Er, forget it.

Wonder where the groupthink that produces this crap starts?

Kids are not allowed to be kids. They can't have Christmas, Halloween, play tag or dodge ball, kiss a girl on the cheek or play "war" nor receive an education they need. Instead, students get mandated classes that have nothing to do with preparing students to be productive citizens.

The kids can't read, can't add and can't grow up to be productive citizens, but they know what we, as a country, need to be to become a "better" society of the world.

This last election will produce more of these "feelgood" laws in our Nanny State.

Reid, Durban, Schumer

Harry Reid, religious man, is on the news relating how the Republicans wouldn't work with Democrats, but now Democrats will work with Republicans.

What hogwash.

Harry Reid has been one of the most duplicitous politicians on the Hill.

He speaks softly as he knifes you in the back.

Then he blames you for not voting for knife control. It is your fault.

If this is the beginning, the democrats will make partisanship unworkable whether they are in the majority and the minority.

Chuckie Schumer is thanking America for making democracy work.

Funny he hasn't said that in the last six years.

Chuckie said "No special interests?" Just unions, the ACLU, anti-religious groups, abortion supporters, anti-military and anti-soldier groups, anti-business groups, pro-tax groups, and, and, and....

George Allen

After a sloppy campaign, George Allen showed real virtue today in accepting the vote as it stands. In a sharp contrast to his opponent, Allen showed respect to the voters of Virginia.

Unfortunately, just as the best team can only be beat by themselves, Allen beat Allen.

Not all Ohioans voted stupid

Steubenville, Ohio Voters Overwhelmingly Reject Speed Cameras

Steubenville, Ohio becomes the fourth US community that has voted on and rejected photo radar.

An overwhelming majority of voters in Steubenville, Ohio rejected the city's speed camera program yesterday in a referendum on whether the city ordinance authorizing the program should stand. With all precincts reporting, 76.2 percent of voters said "no."

The program began last year issuing nearly 7000 tickets worth $85 each to
motorists driving as little as 5 MPH over the speed limit. It would have
generated nearly $600,000 in revenue until Jefferson County Court of Common
Pleas Judge David E. Henderson struck down the city ordinance as illegal in March. Because the city is bound by contract to continue the services of German camera operator Traffipax, regardless of the program's legality, it defied the judge's order and reinstated an essentially identical ordinance to continue issuing citations.

Tuesday's vote puts an end to the traffic cameras and serves as a victory for attorney Gary Stern who won a class action lawsuit to return the money that
had been illegally collected from motorists. He also gathered enough signatures
to put the speed camera question to a vote of the people. The public has never
voted in favor of photo enforcement. Between 1991 and 1997, voters turned out in
Batavia, Illinois; Peoria, Arizona and Anchorage, Alaska to reject photo

Or as Dean would say (not) On The Street Where You Live

John Boehner for Minority Leader

John Boehner is the logical choice for Minority Leader if you want a true Conservative who will not deviate from his beliefs, knows the system, how to make it work and is trusted by Conservatives and Liberals. He is trusted because he is honest.

"I have decided to campaign for Republican Leader and ask my colleagues for
their support. Yesterday's outcome gives Republicans two very distinct choices.
We can either ignore this setback and its lessons, and face the prospect of
permanent minority status. Or we can pull together as a team and renew our
commitment to ideas and reform."I'm running for Republican Leader because I
believe we must confront these lessons directly, renew our commitment to the
principles that brought us to majority in 1994, and articulate a powerful and
positive vision for the future based on our core principles. In doing so, we can
recover not just our majority, but the energy and promise of a vibrant,
long-term majority."Since my colleagues elected me Majority Leader in February,
House Republicans have worked hard to re-engage in the battle against pork
barrel spending by instituting comprehensive earmark reform, worked hard to
reestablish our commitment to fiscal discipline, and worked hard to champion tax
relief policies to prevent a massive Democrat tax hike. Republicans are still
the party of smaller, less costly, and more accountable government. Once we
renew our commitment to reform, I'm confident we will return to the majority."
I have worked with Congressman Boehner's staff on a few projects. I have met and spoken with the Congressman in one-on-one situations, without staff, without an agenda and I have found him to be straight forward, honest and, I find this important, have a sense of humor. There are so many self important prigs in Congress. They all share one thing, they have no sense of humor. Oh, they also share their hate.

Boehner shares our goals, knows how to obtain them and will work incrediably hard to make them the reality.