Monday, April 19, 2010

Betrayal Again: Poland Mourned As Obama Played


In a show of solidarity with the brave Poles who defied first the communist leadership of the USSR and then authoritarian Russia under Putin and then Putin Medvevev, President Obama decided to play golf as a diplomatic gesture to those mourning the national tradgedy of the loss of their president and much of his cabinet.

The Polish president was on his way to a memorial of the Katyn Forest massacre. Over 22,000 Polish doctors, lawyers, military, police and educators were systematically murdered by communist Russia during WWII. With the help of FDR, the Soviet Union attempted to blame Germany for the slaughter.

Putin made the effort to attend the funeral. Obama played golf.

Obama skips Polish funeral, heads to golf course
Churches across the United States on Sunday offered prayers for the late Polish leader. Parishioners at St. Stanislaus Basilica in Chicopee, Mass., held a remembrance ceremony for Mr. Kaczynski.

About 100 Polish-Americans gathered at the Polish and Slavic Center in Brooklyn, N.Y. They sat in silence as they watched the live coverage of the state funeral in Krakow. Upstate, in Buffalo, dozens gathered at the same time in solidarity for a memorial Mass at Corpus Christi Church.

Mr. Obama has not traveled to the Polish Embassy in Washington since the accident, but Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. both have visited the Polish Embassy in Washington since the accident and signed a condolence book.

If Obama's ability in diplomacy with our allies is the judge, maybe Obama should stick to Putt-Putt.
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