Sunday, December 20, 2009

Reid: Thief In The Night

Harry Reid, self described religious man, will tonight, as a thief in the night, steal America from Americans. Reid, who is someone not intimate with the truth, will blame Republicans for the 1:00 AM vote.

Health care reform, such a majestic sounding thing, is an odious bill hated by both sides, but necessary to claim forward movement for Reid and his band of little acting kids.

Once again, Reid will hold a vote in the dark of night. Less than a week before Christmas. Less supported than Harry's other lame brained ideas. Less necessary than free diaper wipes for illegal aliens.

I expected Reid, Pelosi and Obama to destroy America, but I am surprised at their audacity. Reid is a political hack, Pelosi a privileged damaged ideologue and Obama is a child man living his late night political perceived gotchas are the worst political triumvirate in American history. Game, fame and lame.

Politics such as this is usually practiced during revolution. These three might remember that this country had a revolution once. It was revolution for less government control, more freedom and the unity of man through representative democracy, a republic.

The three fail on all three.

In this revolution Ben Nelson is Benedict Arnold.

Let's Tabulate The Bribers, Extortionists And Cheats For Health Care Reform III

Bernie Sanders publicly stated that he hated the Senate's health care reform bill, but now he's voting for it. Huh? Well, Bernie wanted $4 billion more for a program he likes, so Reid gave it to him for his vote. Basically Bernie wants to love people with other peoples money and now that the taxpayer will have to cough up another $4 billion Bernie will vote for a health care reform bill that nobody likes or wants. Socialists are lovable that way.

Buying the Left, Too
Earlier this week, Vermont socialist Bernie Sanders expressed his disappointment with the Senate bill, particularly its lack of a government-run insurance plan, and went so far as to say, "As of this point I am not voting for the bill." Now Sanders appears to be back in the fold. If you're wondering how Reid secured his vote (I was), here's how:

$10 Billion More for Community Health Centers will Revolutionize

WASHINGTON, December 19 – A $10 billion investment in community health centers, expected to go to $14 billion when Congress completes
work on health care reform legislation, was included in a final series of
changes to the Senate bill unveiled today.

The provision, which would provide primary care for 25 million more Americans, was requested by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).
Prior bribes, extortions and cheats:
Let's Tabulate The Bribers, Extortionists And Cheats For Health Care Reform

Let's Tabulate The Bribers, Extortionists And Cheats For Health Care Reform II