Sunday, September 30, 2007

Busch Brothers Too Stupid To Race

When push comes to shove and quick thinking is paramount, the Busch brothers just cannot beat the Peter Principle.

Think back to all the times either Kyle or Kurt screwed up themselves or worse trashed the hopes of other drivers.

Again, think back to junior high when the goofy looking weirdo always seem to have the "sorry" look on their face when the apparent winner was lying on the ground because they were tripped up and lost the race because of the "sorry" guy that was too uncoordinated to control themself.

Picture the Busch brothers. Both of them. Dweebs.

Note: Kurt, beware the Indy meatball. You might be toast. He might deep 20 you.

Episcopal VS The Truth

Stand For Your Beliefs . . . or not . . .
But just as the left wishes to continually reinterpret the Constitution,
(calling it a living, breathing document - which really means anything goes if
you twist the words enough) they now wish to reinterpret even the words of our
Father in Heaven.

The church in which I grew and grew up in is a hollow shell bereft of the great theology and priests who guided us (many times with a paddle and boxing gloves) through the pitfalls of life. When first asked, by Father Bowling, "What would Christ do?" when I had committed an infraction, I was stunned. Nobody had asked that before. Even my sixth grade mind understood the question. And the import of the question.

Up is not down and red is not blue. Even the Episcopal Church should have the where-with-all to grasp this.

Hate the sin, love the sinner. Pretty simple, eh?

via And You Thought You Were Cranky from CommonSenseAmerica