Friday, September 03, 2010

Russ & Barack Secret Meeting Place Finally Set For Milwaukee

A secret and anonymous source has said that Barack and Russ negotiated a secret meeting which would avoid any mention by the press. The same source stated that last minute instructions to the meeting would be placed in a box of tissues next to the teleprompter and that only the president should read them

Secret abandoned warehouse
Feingold to miss Obama Labor Day visit

Unfortunately, the president couldn't figure out which teleprompter would tell him what to do. At this point other secret sources say the meeting is in jeopardy.

An intrepid, though unnamed secret, source within the Feingold campaign supplied photographs showing the meeting place only after having been assured that the images would not publicly be shown until they were out of town due to "pressing personal problems." Follow up investigations found an empty apartment and disconnected telephones. Near midnight an unnamed witness in sunglasses at the unnamed source's former apartment stated that he had never seen anyone fitting the description of the anonymous source. He also stated that he had never heard of Renegade, Renaissance nor Rosebud and Radiance.