Sunday, November 07, 2010



The Real 'Shellacking' The Democrats Got

In terms of legislation (including push back of legislation on states by the US Congress), the deep replenishing of the Republican back bench and a rejection of progressive statist crap, the Democrats totally lost on redistricting. Good.

State legislatures before the 2010 election
State legislatures after the 2010 election

These elections have set the liberal agenda back at least 10 years which is absolutely great news for Americans. The incredible rejection at the local level will not only affect legislation at the local, but also at the state and federal levels. The take over of so many state legislatures by Republicans will also decide which party will lose seats due to redistricting, but also which party will gain seats in those states with a growing population. Here in Ohio there will be a loss of two congressional seats because people have fled the liberal/progressive assault on business and individuals through taxation and repressive control of the citizenry. Because of the election Republicans will now decide which two seats will be erased from our congressional map.

If Republicans act like as republicans, not some smug hierarchical country club like Roman Senators from the Palatine, we will set the progressive agenda back for a generation in 2012.

To The Shame Of Ohio - Its Bad Business

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