Monday, July 28, 2008

The Coward Sissy Men Of Islam

To Middle Eastern men women are chattel. Women are to be bare foot, pregnant and quiet. Except when the sissy boys of Islam need someone to deliver a bomb that they are too cowardly to deliver. I guess they've run out of "martyrs" they can drug up so much as to believe they are doing "god's" work. What a pathetic group of losers.

Female suicide bombers target pilgrims, rally
Four female suicide bombers and a gunman killed at least 70 people and wounded almost 300 others during a string of attacks in central Baghdad and Kirkuk on Monday, officials said.

In Baghdad, three suicide bombers detonated their explosives in three locations within 30 minutes of each other. The attacks killed at least 32 people and wounded 102 others, most of them Shiite pilgrims, an Interior Ministry official said.

Any religion that needs to use women, children and the mentally deficient to kill isn't a religion, it is a hoax. Any religion that needs to bribe its followers with 72 virgins for cowardly men to maim, murder, rape and torture to purify the earth isn't a religion nor is it just a hoax, it is an abomination to God.

These are the people that Pelosi and Reid and their ilk are supporting by trying to allow them to continue on. They are an abomination as well. They're just too partisan and stupid to know it. Or care.

Obama & Craig In The Stall Together

Of course I blame Bush & Rove. That's a given.

Obama's Blackwater Hilarity In Iraq

The Obama has made it clear that Blackwater USA, a private security firm, should be banned everywhere, especially in Iraq. They are bad people, not like the good people Obama surrounds himself with, but the Obama used them in Iraq & Afghanistan.

Blackwater Protected Anti-Blackwater Candidate in War Zones

I guess Obama couldn't get his good guys from Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam thug of the week club through security.

via Gateway Pundit

58 Illegal Aliens Arrested In Ohio

But they're not criminals just because they broke the law. They are "undocumented" workers who just happened to break the law every step of the way beginning with sneaking across the border.

Feds arrest 58 undocumented workers in raids on 8 eateries
The raids at eight Casa Fiesta restaurants is part of larger workplace enforcement strategy that infuriates immigrant advocates, who say it brings down the hammer on hapless workers.
"These people are not criminals," said David Leopold, a Cleveland immigration lawyer. "The worst thing you can say about them is they came here to feed their families."

Leopold is to testify before a congressional subcommittee in Washington today on the need for comprehensive immigration reform. In lieu of that reform, he said, the government is using police actions to support a broken immigration system.

Immigration authorities say they are enforcing the law as best they can, in part, by targeting businesses that purposely hire undocumented workers.

"This was just a step," said Brian M. Moskowitz, the special agent in charge of Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Office of Investigations in Detroit. "This is part of a criminal investigation of a company that is violating U.S. law."

I am very pro-business and, yes, I have heard from employers here in Ohio, spoken to small town business owners and farmers in Nebraska, Iowa and other places, but if they are purposely hiring illegal aliens, they are in the wrong. Hire all the lawyers possible, but they won't change that fact.

Media Bias, Lies & Blinders On Iraq

The brilliance of editorial staffs.