Saturday, June 02, 2007

Kasich Is Good News For Ohio

John Kasich Continues his Tour on the Ohio GOP Rubber Chicken Circuit

From Right Angle Blog

Years ago, back when the earth was still cooling, one could see and visit with Kasich and Greg Lashutka at the Beck Tavern and it was fun. That was around the same time Greg was walking home from his work as City Attorney, spotted a burglar, chased him, caught him and held him for police. Being a tight end for Woody and the Buckeyes helped. It was a good thing that my house was within crawling walking distance of Beck Tavern.

Soon after that I went to work on statewide the F.A.I.R. issue (redistricting VS gerrymandering) and met Mike Stinziano through Hill, Zoog & (later) Stinziano, who was also a good buddy of Kasich's. Though very Liberal, Mike is a great guy, but to picture them together is a Frick and Frack moment on many levels. Many levels, but height stands out to the eye.

At the time of RR's second inaugural, I walked into the lobby of the Vista, heard my name called and there I saw John Kasich, but once the crowd of people separating us passed I then saw Mike and his wife who had been calling my name. They had good tickets to everything. I was working.
John Kasich works with all people and genially gets along with them (if they are serious, otherwise watch out), but never loses his inner compass. Both his intelligence and passion are intense.

John Kasich would be great for Ohio.

Simple, sensible and strategic

Mr. President:A plus B = C. A = September 11, 2001. B = Secure Borders. C =
Happy Conservative Base. Now you know your ABCs, next time won't you sing with me?

From Bob's Blog. Simple, sensible and strategic, eh? Yes. It is.