Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Teachers: The Tests Made Them Cheat

Reports have been coming in about teachers nationwide involved in cheating on students tests and test scoring. Georgia's then Gov Sonny Perdue didn't believe the internal school district whitewash and ordered a full investigation. The findings are shocking and "investigations" in the other state should be reopened to find if there are other scandals this pernicious, especially now as we have to endure teachers and their unions scream that collective bargaining is really just for the children.
Atlanta cheating scandal: Should educators face jail for 'robbing' kids?
The headline asks the question and yes, educators should be jailed for long sentences for robbing children of their future. This is a crime that denied education, but also taught students that it is okay to cheat, get passed on without merit and that lying is the norm of adults.

The investigation should also extend to education and union leaders that say that testing made them do it. They aren't worthy of the honor of being called teacher and are actually common liars and thieves. Throw away the key.

Instapundit's Brilliant Idea!

WANT NEW SOURCES OF REVENUE? If I were a Republican member of Congress, I’d be proposing big excise taxes on movie tickets, DVDs, CDs, digitial movie and music downloads, etc. Then let Hollywood scream about how the tax increase would destroy American jobs. . . .

A fancier approach would require knowledgeable accounting advice, but would target the various bits of favorable treatment those industries get in terms of deductions, but that’s hardly necessary.