Friday, December 03, 2010

Pelosi's Tax Increase: House Dems Still Don't Get It

They are so lame that the have a president who has thrown them under the bus and an electorate that just 'shellacked' them at the polls, but even though they still have a majority they are hiding behind Republicans because they are gutless.

Menendez Likens Tax Fight to Negotiating With Terrorists

Senate Democrats lashed out at Republicans on Friday, accusing them of holding the nation’s economic prosperity hostage for the benefit of the wealthy and likening the GOP to a terrorist organization.

If anybody has mentioned that President Obama's name sounds Arabic, Dems run in a circle screaming like little wusses shrieking "racist", but when they have to finally show some guts they run around in circles like little wusses shrieking that Republicans are "terrorists."

Remember when they tried to campaign on "acting like adults"? Yeah, it cracked me up too.

They still don't get it, but if they want to play with people's livelihoods because they want voters to think they might know what 'standing by our principles' means, put it to a vote.

If the Dems saw a real terrorist they'd run in circles screaming like little...

Yeah, their act gets tiresome.

Dear Mayor Bloomberg, I've been Abroad. So What?

Mayor Bloomberg thinks we're beneath him. We kan't reed. Wer tu stoopid tu travell. We ain't frum nu York.

I witnessed Romans yell racial and vulgar words at a Chinese man trying to save a bus seat for his wife and baby still attempting to enter a bus. All because an Italian woman wanted the seat. I watched two Parisian women sitting in a subway car beneath a 'No Fume' sign puffin' away as if 'Smoking in the Boys Room' soundtrack was blaring away in their heads. And nothing says foreign intrigue like observing a Japanese man doing a two knuckle nose pick just before his 2:00 AM drunken debut as a Karaoke performer to impress his peers in shady Osaka "bar."

“If you look at the U.S., you look at who we’re electing to Congress, to the Senate — they can’t read. I’ll bet you a bunch of these people don’t have passports.”

I am sure Mayor Bloomberg panders to a better crowd both foreign and domestic. A crowd that, say, thinks his billionaire words are actually worth listening to, but then who is pandering? Bloomberg isn't just a billionaire mayor, he is a "brilliant" buffoon billionaire mayor who has once again made NYC an economic and cultural joke with his liberal/progressive mommyesque policies.

Foreign travel is entertaining, educational and, for many such as me, emotional, but, if you are an American, seeing one's own country is inspirational. Maybe Bloomberg should do those things that has inspired so many foreigners that visit or choose to move to the United States.

Has Bloomberg stood in a Southwestern American desert at night to look at the stars, smell the air and desert and realize just how small a man can be? Has Bloomberg walked the streets of a small Maine village to taste the wonders coming from restaurants, bakeries and the back of a farmer's truck bed of produce? Does he recognize and understand the local dialect? Would he find it crass that he would need actual cash because many don't accept credit cards?

How many times has a Bloomberg stood the bloodied grounds of an Antietam hearing the howls of pain and rage as long lost cannon and guns fire and bayonets plunge into bodies of men willing to die for what they believe? Does a Bloomberg even really know why those men from the North and the South fought? He won't find the answer while dining at The Harvard Club in Manhattan nor in the salons of Paris.

Has Bloomberg ever stopped to feel the power of the Ohio, Mississippi or Colorado rivers? Has he pondered his fortune due to pioneers such as those who founded the K. K. Bene Israel (1824) in Cincinnati or the United Hebrew Congregation (1837) in Missouri or Temple Aaron (1881) in Colorado? His fore bearers walked the walk. Insufferable snobs like Mayor Mike just chat the chat.

How about the vistas of wheat, corn and chickpea that feed their cities? The small towns that supply the military for their protection? The vast forests that supply the paper, medicines and products for their lifestyle? I'm sure they have seen the stunning salt deposits and mines that produce a life sustaining product they so shun.

Has Bloomberg a 'passport' he has used in America?

So, yeah little guy, I can read, I have a passport and I have traveled the world, but seeing my 50 states in all their wonder has always been more important to me. Feel good when you look down at people like me. I will look at you with sadness for all that is missing in your pathetic elite club, the hatred for those that scare you because they are different and the shallow vision you have of this life.

I'm sure you will find a nice little salt and smoke free Cathay restaurant where they will worship you. Or throw your arrogant and ignorant butt out.

You're a putz, only smaller and dumber.