Wednesday, February 22, 2012

AGW: When True Science Isn't True

Forged documents, false data, coordinated lies and a community dependent on billions of dollars of grants and other monies to support the movement and salaries. What's not to question?

Well, there is at least one question for AGW's disciples; What is science without ethics?

I hardly know what to say about the latest developments in the Heartland document dump. Profanity seems too weak, and incredulity too tame. . . . Gleick has done enormous damage to his cause and his own reputation, and it’s no good to say that people shouldn’t be focusing on it. If his judgement is this bad, how is his judgement on matters of science? For that matter, what about the judgement of all the others in the movement who apparently see nothing worth dwelling on in his actions? When skeptics complain that global warming activists are apparently willing to go to any lengths–including lying–to advance their worldview, I’d say one of the movement’s top priorities should be not proving them right.”

I know, I know, we're rubes without paper thus we should quietly sit on our hands and keep our mouths shut so our betters can do their magic in saving us from ourselves. Well, maybe one question more, how many trillions have we spent on AGW “science” or is that beyond our purview as well? Just asking…