Saturday, September 08, 2007

"The United States is a liberal country"

and Michael Moore wears a 32 X 32 slim. In a boot cut for sure.

Moore takes parting shot at Bush in rockstar flick

"The majority of Americans are liberal. They hate that word and they'll
never use it, but if you ask them, 'Do you think women should be paid the same
as men; do you think that we need assault weapons laws; do you think the minimum wage should be raised' ... the majority of Americans take a liberal position on every issue, except capital punishment."

But voters were simply not presented with a strong-enough Democratic
candidate in Kerry, he said. "They don't want to go into a polling booth and
vote for a weenie for president."

Joan Baez and Cat Stevens Yusuf Islam? That's gotta be just rockin.

I guess when you have a million dollar palatial Manhattan pad it's hard to get out and hear what America is really thinking. Or you don't want to.

Take the Peace Train back to Flint weenie.


I Am A Republican Mouth Breather

As well as a knuckle dragger, I guess. Kos kiddies are really neat people in their own way.
Hagel Retiring; Sea Change in the West?

Republican mouth breathers won’t have Chuck Hagel to kick around anymore...
It seems they have their own mouth breather because the next story is:
Brian Baird featured in Freedom Crock ad

Nice going, Bri!


Do I mean that Baird has gone irretrievably over to the dark side when I
say that? No. I mean that Baird has discovered what, for Lieberman, proved to be
the "gateway drug" -- media stardom for being the Democrat who will go on record to provide the coveted Dems DividedTM storyline.

Do mouth breathers reside on the dark side? Will there be Wookies? Princess Leia?

It appears there will be liberal/progressives as well.

Darth's gonna be angry.


Why Fred Dalton Thompson

Gee, You Can't Say That At Ohio State University

Speech Code of the Month: The Ohio State University

“Do not joke about differences related to race, ethnicity, sexual
orientation, gender, ability, socioeconomic background, etc.”

“Words, actions, and behaviors that inflict or threaten infliction of
bodily or emotional harm, whether done intentionally or with reckless disregard,
are not permitted.”

As an old buddy used to say, "You can kiss my black @ss".


Bush Plan Not Going As Planned - Again

Criticism Of McClatchy Surge Story Sparks Online Response

"Pentagon officials and the White House had predicted that U.S.
casualties would rise, especially since the U.S. forces had launched major
offensives in Diyala province, north of Baghdad, and Babil province, to the
south," the response said. "One of the most recent restatements of that premise
came in the White House's July 12 assessment of progress in Iraq on Pages 3 and

"So what happened?" Seibel wrote. "Not what had been predicted. U.S.
deaths caused by enemy action peaked at 120 in May, before the surge reached
full strength or Operation Phantom Thunder was launched. Combat casualties then fell consistently for the next three months, reaching a low of 56 in August.
That's the lowest number of combat casualties all year. You have to go back to
July 2006 to find combat casualties at that level."

And liberals are po'd, but which way?

Chuck Chucks Chuck

Hagel is calling it quits

Some will moan, some will say that this is just another seat Republicans will have to defend and others will say ta-ta, good riddance.

I will ask, is this a Republican shakeup?

I hope so.

UPDATE: Sniper @ 7.62MM Justice takes aim

This is my idea of a good morning, waking up to the news that a
defeat-ocrat in Republican clothing is leaving the Senate, and not running for