Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hugh Comstock's Cottages By The Sea

If you ever get the chance to see these cottages, do it. Hugh Comstock built the first for his wife's doll collection to use as a showroom circa 1900. Then others in the village asked him to build for them. He wasn't an architect nor a builder. He just had a vision and a whole lot of fun. Most of the cottages are about 300 square feet of interior space while some are a bit larger, but they became the heart of the artist's colony there in Carmel by the Sea.

Auf Weinersehen

Ta ta Weiner. He announced his resignation in Brooklyn amongst hecklers.

"Seven inches"?

Only on Brooklyn. Well, maybe on Twitter. Actually, definitely on Twitter. And in Weiner's head.

One supporter yelled, "Bye-bye pervert."

Apple To Shut Users Down

The always intrusive Apple will further worm into your personal life with infra-red sensors at concerts and other live events that will shutdown your personal device if they deem your usage inappropriate.
And, through the wonder of technology they can shut you down remotely.

Jewish Guppies To Be Banned In San Fran?

Pelosi’s city of gold by the bay is now up in arms over guppies. The city has been embroiled in a prioritized battle against the evils of circumcision lately deeming the health-based and religious practice to be inhumane and oh-so yucky using Jews as the image of the evil practice. Now addressing another “impulse” action, that of having pets, is moving forward to thwart the enslavement of puppies, kittens, hamsters and now fish.

I hope none of those guppies were circumcised. Or Jewish. Oh both.