Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Free S'mores For Rome's Burning With Music By The Federal Fiddlers Union

When did it become a necessity that the federal government, i.e. us, feed, clothe, house, medicate and entertain those that refuse to do for themselves?

Poor people in such far flung nations like Mexico are starving and are involved in a national economic drug war that is claiming thousands of lives because the government won't help. Here in America a poor person uses their free cell phone to call police, who unfortunately are on a union ordered doughnut break, to rush to their subsidized house because a punk kid stole their 50” flat screen TV to obtain money to trick out their car because they spent their welfare check buying newer clothes for a “Economic Justice” riot.

Fortunately, we do have people like a Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton who will work two jobs and lead both sides of the protests to protect the rights of the punk kid and the civil rights of the downtrodden homeowner who deserves a newer and bigger flat screen TV because some dumb ass who actually works has a 52” 1080 flat screen TV with surround sound.

In each case there will be at least one image of a starving 350 pound friend weeping inconsolably with a relative of the perp because doughnut wielding cops beat them into an emergency room simply because they just happened to have a large flat screen TV strapped to their back as they ran away from the police. In the end all will pose for reporters as they march for economic justice (again) to protest the uncaring slopeheads who don’t understand their plight.

Rome we ain’t. Just look at government buildings such as the FBI headquarters in Washington, DC and even Nero would weep enough tears to stop the flames he fiddled to. Nonetheless, we have a symphony of fiddlers who are heralding the slow burning of a nation as community organizers and their political masters pour accelerants on the flames. All televised to exemplify the failed policies of a capitalist society. Televised with advertisements, of course. Advertisements for deals on flat screen TVs and free prescriptions.

Being poor just isn’t what it used to be. Of course, our federal government isn’t what it used to be either which is the real tragedy.