Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Al Gore's Internet Spreading The Truth Of The Lie Of Which He Preache$

Doing 360s or what goes around comes around.

JON STEWART: “Poor Al Gore: Global Warming Completely Debunked By the Internet You Invented.”

What are the chances he'll spend his green billion to set the record straight? 0%

Govt Help/Media Doomed

With friends like this, who needs enemies.

A top Democratic lawmaker predicted on Wednesday that the government will be involved in shaping the future for struggling U.S. media organizations.

I trust that to save the media, they will have to kill the media. And then hand it over to the unions.

This should enable the government to control the media more easily.

AGW Fraud Spreading Faster Than STDs

The pandemic of fraud was passed by man through England to America to Australia and now to Denmark.

Denmark Rife With C02 Fraud.

At this point it is believed that the CDC will not have the time to gestate enough doses of reality to save the North American population from Congress. There is a hope spreading world wide that it will start snowing and continue through the rest of 2009 preventing Congress from convening and voting on this fraud. When faced with reality, Congress has voted exactly wrong almost always in the modern era.

Jesse Ventura Bribed By MSNBC

Yep, the same station that has such luminary black holes such as Keith Olbermann.

Ventura says MSNBC nixed his show for not supporting Iraq War
When you live in Mexico, your houses all have names. I almost named my house Casa MSNBC because they bought it. I was paid like a professional athlete, and I got very wealthy. For doing nothing.

I would like to see a smackdown between Ventura and Olbermann. They could both wear pink spandex, tin foil hats and large orange boas. Afterwards they could reflect together on a Mexican beach sipping Pina Coladas. With little umbrellas. And magic sparkly dust that shows them truth, justice and the American way. In Mexico.

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