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Brins Mesa Trail depicted in HDR (High Dynamic Range). HDR is a photograph made of multiple frames using different exposures. It is a process developed in the 1940s (I believe) to give a much wider range of tonality and color in the final image.
Think of it this way, you shot a sunset and the resulting image has a beautiful sky, but the earth is dark. The HDR process mixes the right exposure for the earth, the sky and the in-betweens and produces an image such seen here.

Pelosi Says America Supports Her Health Care, Will Sell Golden Gate And Has Bears With Pooper Scoopers

Her own Democrat freshmen and others say they don't support her or the legislation. The American public say they don't support it. The CBO says it won't work.

But Nancy Pelosi says we all support nationalized health care.

That is a lie.

Pelosi On Health Care: We Have The "Support Of The American People"

Pelosi is cajoling, threatening and buying off every member she can, but it won't change the fact that America does not want socialized medicine no matter what she says or what she calls it.

It's just another day in Pelosi's alter-reality world of political disconnect.

The Wholesome Dynamism Of High Taxes To Ruin Health Care

Madam Pelosi stated that government health care is what brought her and so many others to run for Congress. Really?

A little history.

Pelosi’s Problems
The San Francisco Democrat carries baggage of money and special interests
Pelosi, however, has long been plagued by reservations about her intellectual capacities. She’s a dogged inside player whose canny climb up the pole of politics has been greased by money -- but she‘s never been known as a policy innovator and has only a slim record of legislative accomplishment. Moreover, despite an effective White House campaign to portray her as a “left-wing San Francisco Democrat,” Pelosi’s progressivism often seems more rooted in circumstance than in deep conviction.

Unlike Paul Wellstone, who had an organic connection to the issue-oriented citizen activism whence he came, Pelosi‘s career is a classic example of checkbook politics. She married money -- her husband, Paul, is a former banker who became a wealthy real estate developer -- and the Pelosi fortune makes her the richest member of California’s House delegation. Her political largesse and fund-raising skills brought her to the attention of the late Congressman Phil Burton, a powerhouse of a man who took her under his wing and guided her ascendance to chair the California Democratic Party. She lost a campaign for Democratic national chairman, but -- after serving as fund-raising chair for the Democrats‘ 1986 U.S. Senate campaign -- Pelosi was tapped by Phil Burton’s brother John to take over the family House seat which Phil‘s widow, Sala, had occupied after her husband’s death. Her opponent was San Francisco Supervisor Harry Britt, who‘d been picked by the gay community as successor to the assassinated Harvey Milk. Pelosi buried Britt in money, and ran a nasty campaign that portrayed him as a “gay socialist.” (Years later, her money-raising practices sometimes get her in trouble. Last month, she was forced to shut down one of a her two political-action committees, which had been operating illegally as a double-dipping laundry, and candidates were asked to return its contributions.)

Boy, she was packing a whole sack full of "wholesome dynamism" (and money as the handpicked candidate) you "gay socialist", you. I can feel her love for health care from the start of her elected-selected career.

At the time of her first election in 1987, San Francisco was in a deep sense of fear as AIDS and the assassination of Harvey Milk consumed the news. In one of the safest Democrat districts in the United States, Pelosi ran a machine campaign of pure mean and called her opponent a "gay socialist." I'm sure all of you can see the similarities of her campaign rhetoric and her heartfelt health care concern for everyone, (but Congress, because they have a separate, but equal health care system).

Maybe the fact that her daddy, husband, mentor and friends always threw her the money, influence and power she needed to be who she is today has made her used to spending other people's money like she is a liberal Democrat with the key to the people's money.

Anyway, it's a given that Pelosi isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, but she does understand the power of payola, just as she learned as a child. It is power.

Money is the power to help your friends, hurt others and crush your enemies and that is the sharpest tool in Pelosi's shed. Now as Madam Speaker she has your money to use and she is going to use it as she sees fit even though she has no basis to even know what "fit" is, especially as it pertains to working people.

Nancy Pelosi wouldn't understand the health care needs of people if she tried. After all, one of her daddies always just took care of the bill with their private insurance company.

The Chicago Texas Enhanced Love Connection

73 times per year in Chi-Town and 73 enhancement arrests in Texas. Coincidence? I think not.

Survey: Chicagoans have sex 73 times a year, on average
Hey, Chicagoans, so who cares if folks in New York, L.A., Washington, Atlanta, Boston and even Houston are having sex more often than you.

You've probably got a lot of other important things to do.

But just 73 times a year?

That's the depressing average here, according to a decidedly unscientific survey by condom maker Trojan, which bases all of this on 150 sex surveys it handed out in each of 10 big cities.

Chicago was No. 7 in terms of sexual frequency. Houston was No. 1 -- 101 times a year, on average.

At least, we were ahead of San Francisco -- at 60 times a year, according to the survey.

EXTRA! EXTRA! At the bottom of the page.

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Yes, you read that right, "even more inviting." Of course, the Chicago 7 could be the new Chicago 73.

Prostitution Could Save Our Economy

Calif tax officials: Legal pot would rake in $1.4B...

Then there's legalized hitmen.

Pedophilia probably has some serious bucks in it.

Good Lord, tax adultry, just in DC, and now your talking some serious money.

How about taxing election tampering? Do that and the Democrats can actually claim to have done some good for the country.

Vote ACORN and save the economy!