Friday, March 13, 2009

Bouncing Barack: Now It's Not The Worst Economy Since The Depression

UPDATE: Bizzy Blog has a concise round up of Obama's start as president:
Obama’s Crisis of Competence

Original post:
Pulling a page from Bill Clinton, Obama appears poised to start taking credit for improvements in what he called the "worst economy since the Depression." Besides the fact that his statement was political hyperbole, which is PC for a lie, Jimmy "Peanuts" Carter holds the title for the worst economy since the Depression.

By constantly drumming home his mantra of "no tax cuts for the wealthy," "worst economy since the Depression" and other attacks on the money producing base that supports this country, Obama is actually trying to build his case for a be-all government that will grow in size, cost and power.

Obama: U.S. in worst crisis since Depression
Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said on Tuesday that the United States is in the worst financial crisis of the Great Depression as he opened a debate with Republican rival John McCain.

Obama said the U.S. government should ensure that Wall Street executives do not benefit from bonus payments from failing companies and that if elected, he would seek a tax cut for most Americans.

"We are in the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, and a lot of you I think are worried about your jobs, your pensions, your retirement accounts," he said.

But now we find that maybe the grate communicator is changing his tune.

Obama: Economic crisis 'not as bad as we think'
Confronting misgivings, even in his own party, President Barack Obama mounted a stout defense of his blueprint to overhaul the economy Thursday, declaring the national crisis is "not as bad as we think" and his plans will speed recovery.

Obama is lashing about, going back on his word and showing an inconsistency that has rattled our markets and the world's markets. They know that his plans will continue to hinder any recovery. It will not speed recovery. His cure is killing the patient and all for his vision of government which, now that people are finally and for the first time finding out what it is really, is not shared by the electorate.