Monday, April 05, 2010

Man Plans, God Laughs: Reid Laughs, God Pans

Reid mocks Palin during speech
"I was going to give a few remarks on the people who were over here a week ago Saturday," Reid said in a video posted by Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren, "but I couldn't find it written all over my hands.

Fabulous line flub. Maybe you'll notice defeat "written all over" your face in November. Loser.

Thunder And Lightening: Rockin' And Rollin' In Ohio

The ground was shaking, rain was coming down in waves and lightening made the dogs hide under the table. (BTW, these were shot with a tripod, but as I said, it was rockin' and rollin' here)

Obama Nukes Nukes: Let's Tell Our Enemies How We Won't Defend Ourselves

Obama said, “I’m going to preserve all the tools that are necessary in order to make sure that the American people are safe and secure,” except nuclear weapons and he wants our enemies to know that.

How special.

Obama Limits When U.S. Would Use Nuclear Arms
“Our expectation is not that there’s just some vague, gauzy statement about us not wanting to see loose nuclear materials,” he said. “We anticipate a communiqué that spells out very clearly, here’s how we’re going to achieve locking down all the nuclear materials over the next four years.”

There won't be anything gauzy about China, Russia, Venezuela, North Korea and Iran saying through deed, "Go pound some sand, you fool," when asked to give up all their nuclear weapons. Even ill-mannered adults will find a reason to remain ill-mannered if being so determines their survival.

These are the same nations that, in a world crisis, will know that our president will blink. That is who he is, a president who thinks national security crisis can be solved by class room discussions. That way everyone can then go out for a beer.

No nukes! Beer summit!! Drink until you puke!

There's always tomorrow. Unless...