Tuesday, September 07, 2010

A Bumper Sticker We All Need

In my email:

We were in slow-moving traffic the other day and the car in front of us had an Obama bumper sticker on it. It read:

"Pray for Obama. Psalm 109:8".

Allah Must Weep For His Word And His People

I don't condone burning any book, especially a holy book, but I am fed up with the perpetual whining of Islamofascists who know no holy books but ones of their own making. They may not know much about the Koran which they say they are quoting, but they know each and every chapter and verse of perceived wrongs and sadistic ways to punish such perceived wrongs that are listed in their holy books.

Allah must be weeping at what has been wrought in his name and what those who murder, maim and burn in his name are doing.

I'll make a bet with the frothing Ayatollah du jour and the current Imams at the top of this week's Murder Inc's demented chart. If all of the followers of your cults stop flying planes into buildings, stop using suicide bombers and generally just stop killing, people here in America will stop burning Korans. If you don't take the bet, you're cowards and if you don't like the bet, you're liars. You can bet on that. Plus, if you're in a betting mood, I wouldn't bet on 72 virgins and fruit juice, you'll just end up parched if you know what I mean. Mā šāʾ Allāh.