Saturday, September 29, 2007

We Should All Be Party Crashers!

Though I am glad that Newt is not going for the presidency it does not mean he hasn't some great insight.

This is a great article and one that is dear to my heart.

Our Unseen Government

I have for years talked about the hidden government of bureaucrats that undermine administrations, usually Republican, and merrily make their own policy because us, the great unwashed, are too stupid to know what is good for us.

I would very much like this hidden government to stop being a reality. Most Americans do not even know that it exists. That fact alone means that it is evil.

More chilling is that this hidden government is dangerous to our Republic.

Most of our founding fathers would have supported hanging them.

Huge kudos to Sniper One for bringing this to our attention!!!!

Iraq, Liberals, The MSM And A Crock Of Crap

Just got back from our week with the in laws, NASCAR, the beach and reforming. Just in time for Buckeye football tonight.

I am very happy to announce that we arrived at the Philadelphia Airport, boarded our US Air flight on time and landed in beautiful Columbus Ohio 9 minutes early. With all of our baggage.

Our son is visiting a lovely lady and her family so we walked into a house of two very anxious yellow Labs. Unloading the car had to wait as our puppy reunion took place. No pun intended, but it does one's heart a lot of good to see that much love.

I was a tad reluctant to dive back into the news, but having done so I found one excellent article and one that masterfully discussed a so predictably kneejerk reaction by the Nation.

First, good news from Afghanistan that the MSM doesn't dare write about for obvious reasons. They're morons.

via Instapundit;

A Quiet Triumph May be Brewing from The American Thinker that connects the war in Iraq, Afghanistan and our governments efforts to do what liberals can't admit is successful or good, but also can't state that we are enlarging the war as they successfully did during Vietnam because too many people remember how many of our soldiers died or were wounded because of their traitorous stupid actions.

The second article is from the always reliable This Ain't Hell about liberal's traitorous stupid punditry concerning the War On Terror.

The Nation; Neocons provoke Iran from John Lilyea speaks directly to the Vietnam War madness by liberals, progressives, socialists and communists who aided and abetted the Vietcong (until they were decimated), the North Vietnamese military and government and the communist Chinese and the USSR at different times. Now they are trying the same old tiresome tactics concerning Iraq.

After all, the young morons that helped snatch victory away in Vietnam are now older morons or the parents of current young morons that are writing this crap.

It is nice to be home. And, the poopies puppies are happy.