Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Reid Plays Unsympathetic Sisyphus

Harry keeps nearing the top of his hill and seems to slid back down. Even if his load tops the crown he needs to start all over again. He accomplishes all this nothing with a dour smile and a cold camaraderie that allows him to toil alone.

It is lonely at the top.


Many will blame Lieberman for Reid's failure to push ObamasCare over the top. Some of those many are piling rocks onto Reid's burden to help him fail. Some because they don't like the bill. Some that don't like Reid. Many of the many are those that are terrified that the giant rock will crush them. Reid's path to health care reform is plied with dissension, dislike and fear of political death.

Reid created his world. His Zeus is made of constituents, peers and a nation angered by his incompetence.