Sunday, October 09, 2011

To The Obama Morons Quoting Reagan On Bus Drivers And Millionaires.

It was a different time and different circumstances in which Reagan altered our tax structure. Most children would know that. Also, most children wouldn't be so ignorant of economics that they'd liken Obama to Reagan. One was a leader while the other isn't. One was comfortable in the deep end while the other is in over his head in a baby pool. One knew economics and the economy while the other hasn't a clue which is understandable because he has never had a real job, never made a payroll and is merely a perpetual candidate never an incumbent.

Today's tax code is:

Reagan was a true conservative who was fighting the usual tax and spend liberals who then controlled congress. Those tax and spenders were Democrats and Republicans (in name only). Today's cut and past crowd either doesn't care to read history or they, more likely, can't understand it. That's why they cut and paste. It reminds them of their coloring books that made them feel like artists as youngsters. I wish they'd grow up.

Scott Brown Knew Exactly What He Said To Elizabeth Warren

Madam Pelosi likes to be coy in that special feminine way to support her flavor-of-the-day feminism. One can see the small smirk and genteel batting of her eyes as she works to make women the same as men.

Pelosi: Scott Brown disrespects women

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is accusing Republican Sen. Scott Brown of being insensitive toward women for a comment he made last week about his Democratic rival in the Massachusetts Senate race, Elizabeth Warren.
"The response," Pelosi said, "really, I thought, spoke volumes about how clueless Sen. Brown is. It really spoke volumes about disrespect for women that, really, he might not even realize. I bet you he'd like to take it back. ... But women know. They hear a comment like that, it tells a lot about somebody."
Pelosi, in an interview aired Sunday on ABC's "This Week," was referring to an exchange that began at a Democratic debate last week where Warren was asked how she paid for college. Brown once posed nude for Cosmopolitan, but Warren said: "I kept my clothes on."
Asked on a Boston radio interview to respond to Warren, Brown said: "Thank God."
If Pelosi and Warren don't want innuendo and snark directed at women, especially the type they feel diminishes women, then they shouldn't direct the same at men. That's the way the big boys work.

Their response to Brown, really, I think, speaks volumes about how clueless they are is. It really speaks volumes about disrespect for men and women that, really, they might not even realize. I bet you they'd like to take it back. ... But people know. They hear a comment like that, it tells a lot about somebody.

Typical hypocrisy.

State Dept To Issue Condolences To Family Of Judas Iscariot

Outside of the Rosenbergs America usually puts traitors in posh prisons as punishment for getting other Americans killed. Doesn't deter many new traitors. Now that the Obama administration has done something good they have to muck it up a return to their normal: stupity.

Yeah, the guy who wrote such inspirational articles for al Qaeda such as 'Make A Bomb In The Kitchen Of Your Mom' on the web site Inspire (now Expire) got drilled by a drone for being a traitor and being behind the killing of American soldiers and civilians gets condolences from the Obama State Department.

From top to bottom this administration is not only inept, but seeks to constantly undermine America. Sending condolences for snuffing out true evil is so tone deaf that it boggles the mind. They probably would have sent a thank you note to Pontius Pilate and condolences to the family of Judas Iscariot.