Monday, April 27, 2009

Gitmo Terrorists To Come To US?

Via The Keeler Report

U.S. plans to accept several Chinese Muslims from Guantanamo
The Obama administration is preparing to admit into the United States as many as seven Chinese Muslims who have been imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay in the first release of any of the detainees into this country, according to current and former U.S. officials.

Their release is seen as a crucial step to plans, announced by President Obama during his first week in office, to close the prison and relocate the detainees. Administration officials also believe that settling some of them in American communities will set an example, helping to persuade other nations to accept Guantanamo detainees too.

The move would also incense Chinese officials, who consider the Uighurs domestic terrorists and want those held at Guantanamo handed over for investigation. U.S. officials no longer consider the Chinese Muslims to be enemy combatants and fear they would be mistreated in China.

Officials have not said where in the United States they might live. But many Uighur immigrants from China live in Washington's Virginia suburbs, and advocates have urged that the detainees be resettled near people who speak their language and are familiar with their customs.

But the TV privileges underscored potential difficulties to come, according to one current and one former U.S. official. Not long after being granted access to TV, some of the Uighurs were watching a soccer game. When a woman with bare arms was shown on the screen, one of the group grabbed the television and threw it to the ground, according to the officials.

Good job BamBam. Scare Virginia, spread worry nationwide and tick off China all at the same time just to "set an example" of your political naivete.

Oh, and you better have Michelle stop with the sleeveless dresses. Our newest citizens don't like that.

Beginning Of The End For SS

April 27

The federal government distributes the nation's first Social Security checks. 1937

But there will always be funds for left handed liberal nuns for socialistic justice.

Talladega Demolition And Airline

Yes, this race will be remembered for spectacular wrecks, but the racing was absolutely phenomenal.

Obama Has Emptied The Cupboard

Obama vows 3% of GDP for science research... Developing...

With all of his promises it appears Obama has promised about 101% of GDP to programs.

What's 101% of nada?