Monday, October 08, 2012

Obama Plans To Screw Ohio First Then The Nation's Middle Class Right In Their Homes

No more roads to suburbia. No help with business, schools and other developement. In fact, suburbia's tax dollars will go to prop up failing urban areas usually run by failures that call themselves Democrats and progressives. That's what Obama called for in his 2007 speech and what he has planned for a second term. His crowd call it Regionalism.

That's right, your tax dollars, say in River Forest, will be redistributed to Columbus. Not to your schools, roads and local services. To Obama and the Democrat Party you are the problem. So, they'll take your money to solve their problems.

President Obama aims to help Ohio’s Democrats bail out your state’s struggling cities by forcibly transferring suburban tax money to urban treasuries. It’s a bold plan to redistribute the wealth of Ohio’s suburbs. It also calls for halting the sort of highway and commercial development that brings jobs and taxes to the suburbs. The shorthand for this is “regionalism.” Should Obama be reelected, a redistributive city-based regionalist agenda will likely be imposed on Ohio’s suburbs.

It's called the Ohio Plan and Dear Leader wants to impose it nationwide. They call it Regionalism. I call it theft pure and simple. Government theft.

More importantly, as your community will become impoverished you won't be able to fight annexation by the failed centers of crime and corruption called cities. The suburbs will die and we can then all glory in the shared and equal misery of failed Democrat policies. It's called socialism.