Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Why Are Obama, Pelosi And Libs Insulting Older Americans?

Obama says that doctors are butchering patients for profit. Tonsils, appendages, etc getting lobbed off for just profit, not because the operations are prudent and necessary, but just for profit.

A health care bill over 1,000 pages and nobody has read it it seems and wouldn't understand it or agree on what it means if they did. Congress-skrit is harder to decipher that Sanskrit. Lawyer crapskrit makes Sanskrit, by comparison, easy to read.

End of life talk is in the bill, but the bills supporters says it doesn't really mean anything. It's just there. It's also just an idea that maybe an older person needing a pacemaker or heart surgery should just take an aspirin, according to Obama.

Now that people all across the nation are hearing what possibilities are in Congress' health care bill they are asking questions, protesting and getting angry. They are getting angry because people like Reps. Zach Space and Betty Sutton are not meeting with constituents and other Reps can't answer questions about the health care reform bill.

Where Reps are meeting with constituents in town hall meetings people are showing up in greater and greater numbers and they are angry. These Reps have responded by calling them Nazis, KKKers, members of a mob, ignorant and racists. Now that this tactic is failing these Reps are supplying faux protesters calling Obama a Hitler and other things. These fake protesters are plants being paid by these Reps, unions, liberal groups and the democrat Party.

Look at the photographs of the events. Who are these despicable people? A great many of them are elderly. A great many are children of elderly parents that are sick and scared to death over this government takeover of life and death decisions.

But Pelosi, Libs and Obama show nothing but disregard and disrespect to them. They insult their intelligence. They insult their right to debate and ask questions. They insult their concern. They insult the people that made this country great.

My father died of a fourth heart attack caused by a work ethic that wouldn't allow him to slow down. His patients needed him no matter what time, what day and generally on all of our birthdays, Christmas and all the other holidays as well. My mother died after a very long battle with Alzheimer's.

I am insulted that Obama, Pelosi and Libs are insulting their memory. My father served in the military to fight Nazism. My mother worked tirelessly while he served to supply nursing care to the returning wounded, the poor and any other person that needed it as she raised the beginnings of our large family. I am insulted because my parents would be right in there protesting, debating and caring about the outcome of this horrendous idea of government health care.

My parents fought the Nazis. My parents thwarted the KKK and took in patients no matter what color they were or if they could pay. My parents pushed back on the Mob. My father had to hide, as a young man, when he was a reporter for the Akron Beacon Journal because he named the names of the Irish Mafia that murdered the Italian couple that helped raise him as his mother worked 2-3 jobs just to make ends meet. He became a doctor because each night he saw their twisted, mangled bodies that have been violated with shotguns and there wasn't anything he could do to help them, but try to push their organs back into their bodies and hope that would help. He helped people for a lifetime.

My mother and father were passionate about the United States of America and the freedoms endowed by the Creator that America enjoys. Now they would be called Nazis? They would be called KKKers? They would be called members of a Mob? They would be called racists?

I wish my parents were alive today to join these American protesters. These protesters are the people that made this country greater than it was when they came into this world. They are not the protesters that wish to tear down this great experiment in a freedom.

Where is the respect we were taught to give our seniors?

Zach Space Hides From Voters

It's August. It's August recess for members of Congress. Where is Zach Space? He's appeared for editorial boards. He's attended private functions in private residences. One can read his words, but only through those newspapers he deigns to speak to and his words soar as he relates how he stood between those that would do us wrong and the blinding reason of logic with which he subscribes. Heady, but exhausting work. Maybe Zach is in bed resting from the wounding battles he fights on our behalf. A good thing too, beds in DC are used so seldom for merely resting.

Ohio Blue Dog Zack Space Defends Record, Takes Obama Call

Zach's words can be heard to reverberate in private residences far from the madding crowd that elected him. Amidst the 35,000 constituents of Coshocton County Zach spoke privately to a few in a private place where he queried, "If there are teabaggers in the crowd, just understand I'm not going to allow this forum to be used by you to disrupt my attempt to send a message regarding this health care policy. Perhaps there are none here and if that's the case, hallelujah." Zach, being a tidy fellow since a wee lad, doesn't like the messy give and take of politics. Can I get a hallelujah friends?


Worn from the war of a Democrat committee, Zach rolled out the talking points to bolster his decision to roll over like a dog and give Mr. Waxman his vote. The talking points given Zach gave him the strength to once again do a Cap and Trade on his people. The people that voted for him. That's why Zach is blue. Sad. Sad that constituents would reach down into the gutter of debating politics. Come on, give me another hallelujah friends.


Zach, a warrior, stared down Waxman, almost, but he calmly faced the withering fire of Paul, Keynes was part of the VRWC, Krugman, at least until he caved to Waxman and the withering withered. Zach has laughed in the face of Keith Olbermann, just like 99% of America, and may well ignore Olbermann's warnings about the progressive movement, at least until it's fundraising time. Then Oberleutnant Olbermann will be found correct, that Zach is just a dog, but as a dog he will be panting for attention and adoration. And money, which reminds me, pass the collection plate and give me a hallelujah.


Zach. Zach the warrior. Zach, that magnificent bastard protecting us, even from ourselves. Zach the wounded warrior for our behalf isn't meeting with his constituents. Unless he's in a private home or office to collect stories or checks.

Zach the coward.


There's no hallelujahs for cowards.

Go back to bed Zach. It's late and we're tired. Of you.

UPDATE: Brain Shavings has a reason for Zach's illusionist portrayal of an elected official. Hint, it ain't because he's to be trusted.

Pelosi's Swastika Carriers Are Union/Democrat Plants?

BUSTED!: "Obama As Hitler" Poster Was A Democrat/Union Plant At John Dingell Townhall! UPDATED with video interview!

Figures. Albert Speer is probably her architect. Besides swastikas, he did that whole cathedral of light thing for the pagans. I could see her strutting in a pair of smart boots, jodhpurs and a jauntily angled cap and tightly gripped riding crop while dictating her anti-Nazi speech.

Shall we see symbols painted on the breast of townhall attendees, you know, just to ensure their identification is correct for the member?

Democracy is such a delicate act for these people. Exit stage left.

Demo's 'Tawdry' Attempt To Suppress Voters?

Bizzy Blog and Gateway Pundit both discuss unDemocratic attempts to suppress and disenfranchise citizens from speaking out. They do not want citizens speaking out against our current administration's program of government control of more and more of nongovernmental functions in our country. Socialism.

It appears rattled Democrats are now attempting to require attendees in their town hall meeting to show identification to prove they live in the Representative's district. Seems fair, even though it kinda screws that whole "free assembly" thing, but a Demo has to do what Demo has to do to get that message out through their press. People asking questions doesn't really look good on the evening news and so, now they're going to ensure voter integrity in their meetings.

About the Federal Election Integrity Act of 2006, requiring a free voter identification, Pelosi had this to say, "Integrity? It's not about integrity. It's about a tawdry attempt by Republicans to suppress the votes of millions of Americans." Tawdry indeed. Those wascally Wepublicans.

Many voices of the Obama administration claim that "unAmerican" Americans are flooding district constituent meetings to thwart any reform of our health care system which has been irreparably broken by greedy capitalists such as doctors, nurses, insurance companies, drug companies and stupid sick people. Ergo, they feel they must stop these unpatriotic interlopers by demanding proof that they actually live in the representative's meeting district.

Again, back in 2006, Sen. Mitch McConnell wanted to add a voter identification requirement to an immigration reform bill and a commenter at the Democrat Underground grandly summed up the feelings of Democrats concerning the issue, "I was watching all those traitorius Republicans vote to disenfranchise all the people who didn't go and get their picture taken for the ID card." Thank goodness those "UnAmerican" senators didn't get this "traitorous" amendment passed. Disenfranchisement of illegal voters is wrong, eh?

It is ironic that Demos feel that ensuring the integrity of their meetings is important, but the integrity of the vote isn't, isn't it? One could assume that it is about controlling the message, but it is really about controlling the vote whether in Peoria or Washington, DC.