Sunday, February 05, 2012

Obama Would Criminalize The Founding Fathers For Their Overt Religious Views In Governance

The Continental Congress opened every meeting imploring God to favor their thoughts and decisions about how the United States of America would be governed. Today's liberal (modern) interpreters of the Founding Father's vision deplore religion and seek to erase it not just from government, but also from the everyday life of Americans.

They do so directly and obliquely. The courts find fault with all Christian religion directly and now, the Obama administration is obliquely attacking Christianity by forcing the Catholic Church to violate a basic principle of their religion to make them "compatible" with our their "constitution."

From the top, we have the Obama administration’s new health care mandate requiring religious organizations to provide health insurance for certain procedures that are inimical to their core beliefs. Christian groups such as the Catholic Church would be required to cover abortions even though these groups see the medical procedure as a heinous act, a mortal sin. In order to comply with the order, these organizations must abandon their teachings. It would be rank hypocrisy for them to follow the Obamacare mandate.

We also have attacks by such lowlife individuals such as Mayor Bloomberg of New York City whose true religion is preaching what he believes others should whether they agree or not. Of course, NYC's streets still suck and business is fleeing, but religion and salt are more important to Bloomberg (also gun control as witnessed by his despicable lying ad during the Super Bowl).

On the bottom, we have New York City. The City has a policy of renting out empty public schools for use by local groups. It can be used for nearly any purpose but religious services. The Second Circuit Court of Appeal has recently upheld this practice. On first blush, this may seem reasonable as government cannot promote religion. However, the First Amendment also prohibits government from punishing religion. If the government opens up their property for use by non-religious groups, it must afford the same access to religious groups. Think of the legal absurdity of the Second Circuit’s ruling, an atheist group can hold a rally in a NYC public school denouncing god but a religious group cannot hold a service to praise God. The verbal jujitsu used by the Second Circuit to rationalize its decision is breath taking. In upholding the policy, it claims that it is not banning a religious view point but an activity – worship services; but by banning worship services, the government can now dictate how one expresses their religious viewpoint. Why the Supreme Court took a pass on this case is perplexing.

From the Warren Court down to even lesser minds such as Obama and Bloomberg we have liberals demanding that our Constitution is a "living document" so they can alter it to defile our founder's true intention, especially in terms of religion.

Catholics must fund that they find against God's will and atheists can use public property to ridicule Christianity, but Christians are prohibited from using the same or similar property to celebrate the love of God.

This is blatantly unconstitutional. It is also a display of hypocrisy and outright lying that our founders thought only a despot like King Charles III could exhibit. It never occurred to them that lying hypocrites would take control of the greatest government ever formed in the history of mankind.

May God, the founders and the millions of murdered babies forgive them.

I can't.