Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Another Union Leader Wants To Kill & This Time It's Thousands

via American Power

I love it when LibProgs whine about supposed conservative violence. Yeah, leaving the National Mall cleaner than they found it after a rally is a violent act they just can't relate to.

We've heard about the LibProgUnion death threats in Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Nebraska, Virginia and many other states and now, not to be outdone, union members in Massachusetts up the ante.

It really is appalling that these loser thugs are now invoking MLK's name to give credence to their pitiful lies. They have no shame. They have no shame because they are worthless thugs.

Has Pelosi Actually Read A Bill?

That would be shocking if Pelosi actually knew what is in a bill before she voted for it. What's next? Is she going to actually learn math?

Under Pelosi the deficit, the national debt and unemployment have exploded, but she chatters on in rote fashion about seniors & children being hurt by fiscal sanity. She has used this rhetoric for so long (she learned it from her daddy the mayor) that it has never occurred to her that her policies have been destroying seniors and children and their future. Maybe one day she can use some of her millions to help those she has hurt, but in the meantime she wants to just keep using billions from taxpayers to elect herself and other Democrats.


Glenn Greenwald attacks Glenn Reynolds. No contest.

Greenwald is so predictable about being predictable. He is so shallow that he probably thought that Gertrude Stein was stuttering when she wrote "a rose is a rose is a rose," but a thing is a thing, whatever it is, and Greenwald is laughably so predictable, especially when he gets the tingles and feels the need to condescend to others to support his support for his beautiful man-boy Obama..

Reynolds is highlighted here not because he's unique but because he's so drearily common.

Greenwald, you wanted your guy, your messiah, and now you got him. Suck it up. Try to be a man and live with the consequences of your stupidity. Otherwise you're just another overpaid hack coward. Oh, wait...

Plus, I chuckle over Greenwald's classism with his dreary reference to being common. He makes me laugh. Out loud. He is so outclassed that one might feel sorry for him. Might.

Weird Korean Visits

This is strange. Between last evening and early this morning I have a ton of visits from Korea Telcom. The visits were every minute or so with multiple page views, but no information on what site sent them here nor what the entry or exit pages were.

Don't know the purpose of this, but I'm off to get some Poolppang. Later.

Obama Will Veto Anything That Threatens Net Neutrality

Another fixing of what isn't broken, but net neutralty gives the government and its poodle Google direct control over the Internet.

White House issues veto threat for repeal of net-neutrality rules

House Energy and Commerce Chairman Fred Upton said in a statement ahead of the debate that net-neutrality rules will hurt the economy.
"The FCC has taken unprecedented action and tried to ‘fix’ a market that’s not broken. There is no crisis warranting an intervention and these rules will do more harm than good by chilling the very investment and innovation we need to ensure the Internet keeps pace with the growing demands being placed on it," Upton said.  
Do we really want an Internet which government will "control" just so we can have a monumental loser like Bill Moyers, for fairness and balance, receiving the same exposure as Porn Poodles From Luxor? They're both a myth, but the porn poodles have more real-life applications.

Unions, Teachers & Progs Are Buying Power

If you go to the entire list of special interest vote buying it breaks down 59% goes to Democrats and 39% goes to Republicans. As everyone knows, Republicans are the party of big money. Right?