Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tweet Chavez

Chavez asks Venezuelans to tweet on speculators

I suggest that Venezuelans Tweet every stupid, bombastic lie that Baby Hugo utters. Every dictatorial indiscretion, every ham fisted atrocity and every ugly moment that this buffoon has subjected his citizenry to.

Tweet the fat bast*rd out of office and out of this world. He is sucking oxygen out of the air that good people might be able to use.

What an absolute fool.


Bad resolution. Good photo.

STUNNED! San Diego Upset With Arizona Because San Diego Called Arizona Racist

One has to love the thinking of the East Coast and the Left Coast.

San Diego is begging Arizonians, Zonies, not to misinterpret San Diego calling them racists. Oh, and please still come vacation in San Diego you racist pigs.

Some in Arizona canceling trips to S.D.

Outrage over local censure votes may be a misunderstanding
San Diego Councilwoman Donna Frye said she believes some Arizona residents are acting out of a misunderstanding.

“The City Council did not pass a resolution boycotting Arizona, and I would hope that the good citizens of Arizona understand that and will continue to visit San Diego,” Frye said.

School board President Shelia Jackson said that while she was disappointed to hear of people opting to stay away from San Diego, she doesn’t regret her vote.

“It’s sad that people would cancel their plans to come here in reaction to that, but I still think we did the right thing,” Jackson said. “Certainly, we know how important tourism is to San Diego, and it wasn’t my intent to impact the tourism trade.”

 As I taught my children, words have meaning and actions cause reaction. It's about time the PC police learn that when they spout off what they think is popular it will cause a reation, especially when it may be popular, but stupidly wrong..
I love San Diego, but I cannot conceive of why I would go there now. So, San Diego, you can plan on me taking my extended family elsewhere this year to a new and really nice resort. BTW, it isn't in California nor any of its fellow traveler states in the PC Brigade.

Soros, Unions, Liberal Democrats Front Fake Tea Party In Michigan

How corrupt are these guys? I don't think the average voter can comprehend how corrupt they will get to try to hang on to power.

BREAKING: Fake Tea Party Run by Democrats in Michigan Trying to Become official Third Party!

The Blog Prof has the story

Death By Ketchup

16 companies comply with New York City mayor's intrusive efforts to control what you eat
Despite challenges from the scientific community, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg remains undaunted in his efforts to force New Yorkers to cut down on their salt intake. His latest maneuver announced on Monday was to persuade 16 food manufacturers and food service vendors—among them Starbucks, Heinz, and Subway—to agree to reduce the salt content in their products by 25 percent.

But, but, but...

According to a report published in last November's Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, the need to restrict salt content in food is questionable at best. The report compiled by researchers at the University of California at Davis cited several studies that show that adults “naturally seek” to regulate their own salt intake. “To attempt to use public policy to abrogate human physiology would be futile and possibly harmful to human health” the report stated.

Bloomberg and his allies, who never let facts get in the way of what they want, aren't going to stop with their salt crusade. The need to control is in their blood, but unlike salt, cannot be measured by science.
Why is a billionaire mommy maniac from New York City able to control what America eats? Why do we allow it?