Monday, December 10, 2012

Michigan Is The Future Of The United States?

Michigan is one of the pockets of liberal progressivism that is fighting tooth and nail to defend the politics that has ruined a great state and is now spreading throughout the United States courtesy of President Obama and his liberal allies in Congress and in state capitals nationwide.

What does this spread portend? Look to Lansing and Detroit. There is chaos, bankruptcy and the crushing of the dreams of citizens everywhere; a life where one can build their personal dreams. An entrenched inner city/union/progressive political class that has transformed Detroit, a once great city, into a third world-like town where 4 bedroom houses can be bought  (alarms, weapons and protection extra) for $10,000. Population has plummeted as people flee the city. It's not even a city anymore. It's a poverty stricken war zone with no jobs and no hope where those still living there are doing so because they can't afford to get out.

Detroit is a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Destroyed by a statist mindset of entitlements, handouts, corruption, incompetence, extortion, bribery as well as a criminality from the lowest thugs, whores and juvenile delinquents all the way up to the halls of "power" where the more adept criminals and incompetents dwell.

It is America's future. It is California's tomorrow. It is Chicago's this afternoon. To our progressive elite it is a progressive dream they love to think about as long as they can live in their far away ivied covered safe zones and pontificate about the beauty of that they must avoid looking at, because if they did look, they would have to face this disaster of their own making.