Friday, October 10, 2008

Laughable Liberal Lies or Staying On Script

This is a piece put up at De Magno Opere which steps on its own laugh lines with laugh graphics.

McCain - The Bankers Candidate

First, it was the liberal bureaucracy that set this up for big investment/banking/insurance houses, made possible by Clinton, to make loans, that were insured beyond reason, to people that never should have received any loan at all for which the big investment/banking/insurance houses paid back the liberals through large contributions to their campaigns and favorite wack-job organizations.

What is it with John McCain and bankers?

Between the Savings and Loan/Keating Five deals and his mortgage plan that benefits banks at the expense of taxpayers, I'd like to think that makes him more knowledgeable about economics than he would like to admit.

What is it with Liberals and lying?

McCain was cleared of any wrong doing with the four other Democrats that made up the Keating Five, in fact McCain should never have been charged, but what the hey, continue to lie and use The Nation and ThinkProgress as your sources. Two strikes.

Mind you, it's not the kind of economics that will help keep this country afloat, more like the kind of economics that allows you to cheat on your taxes.

But economics nonetheless...

Then throw out a bogus charge, tax evasion for gambling, and back it up with another group even a mother couldn't love or believe, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, (CREW) and you have strike three for gutter politics brought to you by liberals.

Oh, Oh, for an extra helping of this laughable post, check out the graphic they include:

"No honor, no integrity, cowardice." This is the great work of one who has, "a massive desire to destroy Dominionists and Theocratic liars whenever I see them pop up, it seemed appropros to use a biblical term for that purpose."

Little men hate great men thus they justify their hate to allow them to attempt to vilify what they can never be. Little men are good for a laugh though. That's something.