Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Superintendent Admits Unions Control Schools

Most parents are aware that teachers, no matter how bad, are almost impossible to get rid of. Most parents are not aware that unions, not schools nor parents, are the deciders of which teachers get hired. Unions have the power, not PTAs, school boards not school principles. Unions are in control and people that don't play their way are not people that will be part of public education.

Marine: Union bullying me to pay $500

State law requires certain public employees to join unions as a condition of employment or pay a so-called agency fee, which goes toward the cost of collective bargaining. But Godin said he shouldn’t have to pay the $500 fee because he receives no benefit from the local union. He provided a letter from the local union demanding he join or pay the fee by the school year’s end. Godin said in 14 years of teaching in Worcester public schools, he’s never been asked to pony up for the union.

If Godin has an out it is that he is employed by the US military, but really that isn't the question. How is it that unions have the power to demand payment whether one wishes to join or belong to a union no matter what. And, more importantly, who gave unions the power to fire people that don''t join their union? It is pitiful that a public school superintendent admits that the union has power over the employment of teachers.

Worcester schools superintendent Melinda J. Boone said she has asked the district school attorney to investigate a way to keep Godin on board, but added, “this is really a union matter.”

A union matter? Employment of teachers should be decided by those involved in educating the students not by some union thug that bullies individuals, schools, parents and the nation. The important lesson here is that unions can have a part in the process, but not a place over the process. They stink at what they do anyway and they are making education a joke.

Helen Thomas Controversy Isn't A Black Thing, But A Policy Thing

You see? It's easy if you can just see. Of course, you can't see because in our world it is impossible for you to see our truth. How sad. For you.

Helen Thomas: No Apologies Necessary

Helen Thomas’ statements were about policy, not people, and for that, we should not have lost her. To liken what Helen has said to racist rants inviting African-Americans to return to Africa is disingenuous at best, and more directly, a twisted misinterpretation designed only to silence opposing views to Israeli expansionism.

The article in short is "straw man wanted" and straw man found article. Her statement about Jews getting the Hell out of Israel and going to Poland and Germany was simply policy talk and had nothing to do with blacks in America. They're two separate things, but liberals will join them to deflect the odious thought process that came out of her mouth and to firmly place the political ball back in the conservative court. In the pro-Palestine/liberal mind when Helen said those things she wasn't being personal or anti-Semitic. She was probing possible policy changes that America should ponder which shows her strength of character. Of course, these are the same people that shout "racist" when anyone disagrees with Health Care Reform or Cap and Trade thus the rambling and incoherent rant attempting to link her remarks to America's racist past and current racist mind think towards Obama over policy. No matter how many paragraphs are expended, in the end, Thomas is a racist Jew hater and Americans are not racist because they do not like Obama Administration policy. The former is about race and the latter is not.

How about a new headline for this story; Helen Thomas: No Apologies Necessary Because Everybody Knows The Jews Are The Problem and the the story could go on to outline her support for Palestine, her hatred of Jews and her history of being a grating prima donna that people have petted for 40 years just to mollify her. She has always been less vicious when being petted. Like a pitbull. A pitbull that targets Jews.

Larry Kaczala

Larry has left us. I knew him as an honest and actually funny guy. One day we were going over proposed answers for an upcoming press conference and I had asked him to think outside the box which he thought funny. After a break he returned to the "podium" we had set up in his living room and placed a box next to himself and, with a straight face, answered all the questions.

Rest in peace Larry. I believe you deserve at least that.