Sunday, September 30, 2007

Busch Brothers Too Stupid To Race

When push comes to shove and quick thinking is paramount, the Busch brothers just cannot beat the Peter Principle.

Think back to all the times either Kyle or Kurt screwed up themselves or worse trashed the hopes of other drivers.

Again, think back to junior high when the goofy looking weirdo always seem to have the "sorry" look on their face when the apparent winner was lying on the ground because they were tripped up and lost the race because of the "sorry" guy that was too uncoordinated to control themself.

Picture the Busch brothers. Both of them. Dweebs.

Note: Kurt, beware the Indy meatball. You might be toast. He might deep 20 you.

Episcopal VS The Truth

Stand For Your Beliefs . . . or not . . .
But just as the left wishes to continually reinterpret the Constitution,
(calling it a living, breathing document - which really means anything goes if
you twist the words enough) they now wish to reinterpret even the words of our
Father in Heaven.

The church in which I grew and grew up in is a hollow shell bereft of the great theology and priests who guided us (many times with a paddle and boxing gloves) through the pitfalls of life. When first asked, by Father Bowling, "What would Christ do?" when I had committed an infraction, I was stunned. Nobody had asked that before. Even my sixth grade mind understood the question. And the import of the question.

Up is not down and red is not blue. Even the Episcopal Church should have the where-with-all to grasp this.

Hate the sin, love the sinner. Pretty simple, eh?

via And You Thought You Were Cranky from CommonSenseAmerica

Saturday, September 29, 2007

We Should All Be Party Crashers!

Though I am glad that Newt is not going for the presidency it does not mean he hasn't some great insight.

This is a great article and one that is dear to my heart.

Our Unseen Government

I have for years talked about the hidden government of bureaucrats that undermine administrations, usually Republican, and merrily make their own policy because us, the great unwashed, are too stupid to know what is good for us.

I would very much like this hidden government to stop being a reality. Most Americans do not even know that it exists. That fact alone means that it is evil.

More chilling is that this hidden government is dangerous to our Republic.

Most of our founding fathers would have supported hanging them.

Huge kudos to Sniper One for bringing this to our attention!!!!

Iraq, Liberals, The MSM And A Crock Of Crap

Just got back from our week with the in laws, NASCAR, the beach and reforming. Just in time for Buckeye football tonight.

I am very happy to announce that we arrived at the Philadelphia Airport, boarded our US Air flight on time and landed in beautiful Columbus Ohio 9 minutes early. With all of our baggage.

Our son is visiting a lovely lady and her family so we walked into a house of two very anxious yellow Labs. Unloading the car had to wait as our puppy reunion took place. No pun intended, but it does one's heart a lot of good to see that much love.

I was a tad reluctant to dive back into the news, but having done so I found one excellent article and one that masterfully discussed a so predictably kneejerk reaction by the Nation.

First, good news from Afghanistan that the MSM doesn't dare write about for obvious reasons. They're morons.

via Instapundit;

A Quiet Triumph May be Brewing from The American Thinker that connects the war in Iraq, Afghanistan and our governments efforts to do what liberals can't admit is successful or good, but also can't state that we are enlarging the war as they successfully did during Vietnam because too many people remember how many of our soldiers died or were wounded because of their traitorous stupid actions.

The second article is from the always reliable This Ain't Hell about liberal's traitorous stupid punditry concerning the War On Terror.

The Nation; Neocons provoke Iran from John Lilyea speaks directly to the Vietnam War madness by liberals, progressives, socialists and communists who aided and abetted the Vietcong (until they were decimated), the North Vietnamese military and government and the communist Chinese and the USSR at different times. Now they are trying the same old tiresome tactics concerning Iraq.

After all, the young morons that helped snatch victory away in Vietnam are now older morons or the parents of current young morons that are writing this crap.

It is nice to be home. And, the poopies puppies are happy.


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

BTW, Secret Journey

My wife and my in laws took me on a secret journey to Cape May and a store that specializes in political paraphernalia and Japanese ivory pieces.

I bought a lot.

It was wonderful.

Tonight we are off to a special dinner.

It is all for my health.

BTW II: I cut my smoking by 90%.

My doctor is still pissed.

I missed it when Tom Blogical first questioned my condiments. My apology, but the bourbon and homemade mustard are fine and the homemade horse radish is a gift from God.

I blame the biscuits.

Henceforth, biscuits will only be eaten when served.

Rather, A Lie That Is True- A Liar That Seeks The Truth Through Deceptive Lies That Seeks The Truth Through An Endless Circle Of Lies

Rather chokes up, and hunkers down

Dan Rather has always been a posuer. From his lax knee hoisted on the bumper of a Jeep in Vietnam to his laughable forgeries to try to discredit President Bush just before an election, Dan has always tried to be the kid with the drive to produce the firstest with the mostest.

A Boy Scout Dan is not.

Dan Rather is not rather smart.

Dan Rather has and is drinking his own bath water.

Dan Rather is dumber than Cher.

Dan Rather is a noir gumshoe who got a beat and blew it.

Nick Nolte does Rather better than Dan does Rather,

How sad is that?

Sadder than a stone without a riverbed. Sadder than a lyre without a liar.

Sadder than Clinton without a blue dress. Pick your Cinton. No matter.

Love. Justice. Kindness. Dignity.

Brian Williams: Well what will you do?

el Al Waleece: I will invade Iran and defeat the Iranis on
their own ground.

Brian Williams: Invade? That's impossible.

el Al Waleece: Why? Why is that impossible? You're so concerned
with squabbling for the scraps from Ahmadinejad's table that you've
missed your God-given right to something better.

There is a difference between us.

The difference is here.

Not enough chicken bones to choke on for this fĂȘte.

Hatred In The Heartland

Bizzy Blog has a great wrap up on Islamofascists in Ohio.

In Cleveland: Meet the New Imam, Same As the Old Imam?

As Ohio goes, so goes the nation, eh?

Monday, September 24, 2007

Rough Life

Presently, I am looking toward Ireland over the Atlantic. The tide in coming in and the sun is shining as it can't seem to do in my beloved Ohio.

For those that enjoy NASCAR, the Monster Mile claimed many victims yesterday in the race at Dover. I think Dale, Jr and Tony Stewart were more surprised than anyone that they salvaged a good run. Plus Edwards may lose his victory due to post race inspections.

Today, the inlaws and my wife are taking me on a secret journey in Maryland. It should be fun.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Patan, Nepal

From a window in Durbar Square at Patan

Artist / photographer: Clarence Comyn Taylor

Date: 1862 - 1865

Caption: This image shows the Krishna Mandir (left) and the Jagannarayan Temple (right) in the background.Country: Nepal

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Potholes As Politics

is so dog bites man.

But using a university to actually learn is definately man bites dog.

Such a story is

The University of Socialism by Tygrrrr Express

My father, the dedicated Christian, had a life long friend by the name of Hugo Lowe. Hugo was a Jew and a conservative, which in the 50's-60's was an oddity, who always told me, "Never take a tip from a Jew, but take all the money you can honestly". I was too young to even know what a double-entendre was.

After my father died Hugo and I became quite a sight, him being a dark haired very Semitic looking man and me a toe-headed chubbette with curly hair, having Italian ices in our little city park that he would bring me from NYC.

Those Italian ices taught me a lot, just like Hugo planned.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

FDT Sends No Flowers To Hillary

Fred said:

“What is it that makes liberals think the best way to help somebody is
to punish them?”

“I understand Hillary Clinton has just acknowledged that her new
health care plan could require somebody to actually prove they’ve got insurance
before they can get a job. You know, a job — the thing that would help you get
health care. That kind of mindset is that the government knows best and if you
don’t agree, then you’re just going to have to pay for it, one way or the other.
The best way to improve the best health care in the world, which is what we’ve
got right here in the United States, is to expand choice, not

“To some Democrats, choice to them is like a cross is to a vampire —
they don’t like to see it coming down the road. Hillary says, don’t worry about
it — the punishment — because the exact punitive measures they’d come up with
would be worked out by congress. That’s a thought scary enough to make you

Hillary Care is way too scary. Will she allow crosses above the beds? Nah. But vampires....

From Stop The ACLU via Protein Wisdom

Get Your Canadian Health Care In America

Stronach went to U.S. for cancer treatment: report

Liberal MP Belinda Stronach, who is battling breast cancer, travelled to California last June for an operation that was recommended as part of her treatment, says a report.

Even though we should all know that Canada's health care system is second only to Cuba's, I wonder if she was forced to present proof of health insurance.

Clinton on health care

She said she could envision a day when "you have to show proof to your
employer that you're insured as a part of the job interview — like when your kid
goes to school and has to show proof of vaccination," but said such details
would be worked out through negotiations with Congress.

I betcha they sneak over the border to get maple syrup too. At least until there is some kind of federal regulation on that.

UPDATE: Right Wing Champ has more.

Barry Manilow

Really? I am supposed to care?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Heartless Conservative To Have Heart Surgery

Got my date today. October 4th.

The docs believe it will be a valve repair after much testing. If it is a replacement I was offered an organic valve or a mechanical valve. When I asked for their recommendation and they gave me the options I was intriqued to learn that they use pig valves when going the organic route. The organic pig valve doesn't last nearly as long as a mechanical valve.

If I have to go replacement I may go with the pig valve just to piss off the Islamofascists. Well, that and the fact I love ham. Smithfield. Beaten biscuits. Homemade mustard. A dash of horseradish. A sip of bourbon. Trust me.

I just want the little guy to feel at home. PETA notwithstanding.

Islamofascists In America

Muslim Brotherhood's papers detail plan to seize U.S.

Counterterrorism officials say that regardless of what anyone thinks of
the Holy Land documents, the threat from radicals outside and inside the U.S. is
real. A common belief among law enforcement and government officials is that
after the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993 and post-9/11, radicals have
retreated underground.

"People who harbor the secret desire for the U.S. to become more
Islamic are not going to announce themselves in the current climate," said Jeff
Breinholt, a 17-year Justice Department official who until June was deputy chief
of the national Counterterrorism Section, where he oversaw the nationwide
terrorist financing program.

"However, they may be willing to violate laws they view as unfair,
which is what I think occurred in the Holy Land Foundation case."

The article does give opposing views as it should. I, though, am inclined to not fully believe what they say, especially people such as Mahdi Bray who speaks out of both sides of his mouth daily. He was a highlighted speaker at the ANSWER anti-American rally held last Saturday in Washington DC, but is quoted in the below article giving some of his background:
In his book, American Jihad, Emerson noted that Bray had organised a rally
outside the White House in 2000 where the crowd chanted in Arabic, “Khaybar,
Khaybar, Oh Jews, the Army of Muhammad is coming to get you.” [In the Koran,
Mohammed conquered the Jewish settlement of Khaybar and slaughtered all its male inhabitants.] The crowd burned an Israeli flag as they marched from the White House to the State Department and openly distributed literature calling for the death of all Jews.

Go read the rest and see if you are as chilled as I am.

Hillary Care

As they say, 2.0, but Hillary says that she has learned through listening over the ensuing years since the 1.0 debacle. Me, I just don't care what she proposes.

She says, 2.0 is all about choices for people wishing to improve their health care. Question: If this works for health care why are Hillary and her "friends" in the Democratic Party so adamant about never discussing buffet style options for social security except to shriek that Republicans hate the elderly?

UPDATE: Right Wing Champ is also writing about this.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Modern Medical Miracles

As I've mentioned before, yawn, my father was a surgeon. A surgeon working and perfecting techniques way before others. Please forgive my pride, but don't expect me to stop.

This morning I had a Heart Cath for an impending heart valve repair or replacement. When my father was alive this would have been thought science fiction, but he saw it happening in the nearer future than the few others that even thought it possible then. Today, the heart cath is considered a minor procedure and it was.

In less than seven hours, much of that time was paperwork, scheduling, post procedure observation and such, an absolutely outstanding group of doctors, nurses and technicians performed a heart catheterization which accomplished two things, measuring blockage, etc. and pressure.

This afternoon I was home with little soreness and a wealth of information that the doctors say will shorten and simplify my coming operation.

Medical science is incredible.

So is Riverside Methodist Hospital: Riverside

My father did a lot of surgery there.


Hollywood Has Beens Hatin Life

The cutest girl that side of Katie Couric

"And, let's face it, if the mothers ruled the war, there would be no (expletive) wars in the first place."

Hell has this guy's music piped into the elevators.


But I like this judge.

Judge Sentences Noise Offenders to Mandatory Manilow Music...

The "11th Hour" snooze button.

Leonardo DiCaprio's Eco Movie Bombs

I wonder if it was a Soviet Russian green bomb.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin's If actresses ruled the world...


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Little Girl, Autumn Ashanti, Announces The Fall of America

As an added bonus for all of us mouth breathing freedom lovers, the highminded folk of A.N.S.W.E.R./Code Pink/MoveOn and others of the enlightened class, brought us such luminaries as Autumn Ashanti for our edification at their tiny protest in Washington DC against freedom in Iraq.

Autumn Ashanti - poet activist also gave some poetry/rap/crap for peace.
Her father is Ashante, a Nation of Islam poet/activist and I am so sure that he didn't write her material.

Presented here is one of "Autumn's" pieces. I couldn't understand her screaming so I do not know if she presented this in our nation's capitol last Saturday, but she wrote it when she was seven years old.

White Nationalism Put U In Bondage
White nationalism is what put you in bondage
Pirate and vampires like Columbus, Morgan, and Darwin
Drank the blood of the sheep, trampled all over them with
Steel, tricks and deceit.
Nothing has changed take a look in our streets
The mis-education of she
and Hegro — leaves you on your knee2grow
Black lands taken from your hands,
by vampires with no remorse
They took the gold, the wisdom and all of the storytellers
They took the black women, with the black man weak
Made to watch as they changed the paradigm Of our village
They killed the blind, they killed the lazy, they went
So far as to kill the unborn baby
Yeah White nationalism is what put you in bondage
Pirates and vampires like Columbus, Morgan, and Darwin
They drank the blood of the sheep, trampled all over them with
Steel laden feet, throw in the tricks alcohol and deceit.
Nothing has changed take a look at our streets.
My God, isn't she special, but not in a personal glorification manner for her father's greed for attention, but as a spokeschildwoman for us, the huddled masses.

Does this mean I am a steel laden Hegro pirate or vampire? I do like my steaks very rare, but does that mean I am a bad person? Aaarghhh, matey!

UPDATE: Darwin was a fish or an ape, not a pirate or a vampire. Well, at least not a pirate. Okay, maybe he was a vampire and pirate,


Ron Paul Bots Anti Freedom In Iraq, Pro Defeat in US

Ron Paul Bots/A.N.S.W.E.R. .......... ..Ron Paul's America? Yep

Not Jefferson's Revolution............. ..Ron Paul's victory? Probably

The pictures speak for themselves. Ron Paul should be debating with his brother and sister Defeatocrats and the untruth to power frauds.

How can a light that could have shown so brightly glow so dim?

HT to Rumors Dailey for the pics. Go see more of this disgraceful event with acknowledged communists like Medea Benjamin and truth power benders like embittered Adam Kokesh.


Dinah Lord Is Back

Watch out Dinah. Once I post this your server is in danger.

Go read!

Peta Lindsay "Bush Mass Murderer"

Peta Lindsay: National Youth & Student Coordinator of the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition and Howard University student said that President George W Bush is the biggest mass murderer in history.

Well, Mao Tse Tung is going to be relieved or po’d
So is Joseph Stalin.
So is Pol Pot.
So is Adolf Hitler.
Ditto for V. I. Lenin.
Ho Chi Minh ain’t gonna be happy either.
Josip Tito, though still dead, ain’t none too happy bout this statement either.
So are Kim Il-sung and his bastard boy, Mimi Me, po’d.
Saddam Hussein and his boy geniuses aren’t gonna like being bested by Bush again.
Slobodan Milosevic, well, he’s always po’d.
Pretty much all African leaders are gonna feel slighted.
The Taliban ain’t gonna be happy. Of course there's that woman thing they have too.
You know Idi Amin isn’t going to agree.
Even opera aficionado Benito Mussolini is gonna scowl

You want to keep going on this list Peta?

Peta? Where’d she go?

She said she had proof for her statement. Oh well, I guess she didn't.


Saturday, September 15, 2007

Liars Reid, Pelosi, Hillary, MoveOn, HuffPo And Kos In Bed Together

Gee, it seems as if the Democrats got the memo from Kos and HuffPo. Maybe it was tucked in a wad of cash from communist China via Hsu.

Thank you Hillary for calling Petraeus a liar!

Thank you Hillary for calling out Petraeus for what he is, a liar and a
distorter of facts. While I still prefer an Edwards/Obama ticket, I just
wanted to show some progressive blogosphere love here for Hillary for her
calling a spade a spade here, and subsequently
setting the right
wing howling

The same thanks applies to MoveOn, for their not allowing Petraeus
to parade around like some untouchable holy priest without being called on his

Petraeus is trying to help the Bushies hide their war crimes and war
lies behind Petraeus's uniform, a uniform which Petraeus has now disgraced by
his working most every MSM venue like a champion media whore.

A vital nerve must have been struck to set the right wing howling
so about their holy man Petraeus, and I think that we should get Hillary's and
MoveOn's backs on this particular issue.

So, whatever your 2008 candidate affiliation, please rec here now to show some love for Hillary and MoveOn for how they took on Bush's media whore Petraeus!

Let's see, call Petraeus a:

Liar - check
Distorter - check
Spade - check
Media whore - check

They struck my vital nerve and have set me howling? Actually, no. They are not intelligent enough, I don't mean ignorant, they are not intelligent enough to be in the same league with a gentleman soldier such as Petreaus.

I am, though, waiting for their next memo. They humor me and the electorate gets another glimpse into the fetid minds of liberals and democrats.

This group makes slime like Fonda, Hayden and Hoffman look good by comparison.





Friday, September 14, 2007

Vegan Nannanista To Sue School Non-Vegans

Vegan teacher threatens to sue school district

Fox River Grove Middle School teacher Dave Warwak gave school officials an
ultimatum Monday: Go vegan, or I'll sue.

Warwak told school officials that unless the middle school served
exclusively vegan lunches, which contain no animal products, Warwak would pursue a case against the school for its violation of the Illinois school code.

"The only way I'll drop charges is if the school goes vegan," Warwak said.

Warwak also has a website where one can see the depths of his passion. It goes way beyond a casual lawsuit against his peers and students. It is a whole new future where parents have even less say about their children's education and life style. It is a future where (com)paasinate teachers can further indoctrinate students in beliefs they hold and parents don't.

Warwak even published a series of e-mails in which he is chastised for deception and forcing his beliefs on students. He responds by chastising his boss and tries to (re)educate him into becoming a vegan, ergo becoming a responsible citizen shaping student's futures.

From: Mahaffy, Tim
Sent: Tue 4/10/2007 1:45 PM
To: Warwak, David
Subject: project


Please see me about the display. I'm getting very
uncomfortable with the message it is sending. I really need any reference
to eating animals (meat) out of your project. It is not the positive
message that I though it was going to be.

I'm very sorry if I misunderstood where you were going with this.

Dr. Tim Mahaffy
Fox River Grove Middle School
401 Orchard Street
Fox River Grove, IL 60021
PH: 847-462-2324 Fax: 847-516-5104

> -----Original Message----->
From: Mahaffy, Tim
> Sent: Friday, April 27, 2007 2:34 PM
> To: Warwak, David
> Subject: RE: meeting

> > Dave,

> > I have not had the time to read the book or to watch the video. I
> told you before not to give me the book. I accepted it and sincerely
> appreciated it. I may read it, but do I want a meeting in a week
> based upon what I If I get to the materials and I feel
> as passionate about it as you do, then I will seek you out to have a
> conversation. If I don't have the same passion as you and do not want
> to discuss it or choose not to read/view them, then I request that you
> respect my decision as I do your opinions.

> > Tim > >

> From: Warwak, David
> Sent: Friday, April 27, 2007 12:31 PM
> To: Mahaffy, Tim
> Subject: RE: meeting
> Importance: High

> > Hi Tim,>

All I am asking is that you look at some information that I am saying

> is very important. What could be more important than our kids health?
> Not looking for a debate or immediate commitment, only that you look
> at the things I asked you to look at. I used the language I used
> because this is that important of an issue - at least I think so. I
> just want you to understand what is going on and I know you will feel
> differently when you do. I respectfully ask that you look at the
> information and let me know what you think - can we sit down and talk
> about this some time next week?

> Thanks,> Dave

> > > > -----Original Message-----
> From: Mahaffy, Tim
> Sent: Friday, April 27, 2007 11:02 AM
> To: Warwak, David
> Subject: RE: meeting

> > Dave,

> > I'm not going to commit to any intentions on the "future of our kids".
> I am not going to get into this debate with you. Please don't go
> there with me and I respectfully request that you not pressure me to
> feel guilty about the extremely grave and serious problems.

> I do not currently have any plans to become the model school that you
> think we need to be when it comes to diet. I am working on the
> million other mandates in education. If this one comes through...I> will work on that
> > Tim> >

> From: Warwak, David
> Sent: Friday, April 27, 2007 10:59 AM
> To: Mahaffy, Tim
> Subject: RE: meeting
> Importance: High

> > Hi Tim,

> I would like to hear your thoughts/intentions in regards to the data
> in relationship to our kids' future and our school's
> involvement/responsibility with these extremely grave and serious
> problems.

> Thanks,
> Dave >

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Mahaffy, Tim
> Sent: Friday, April 27, 2007 10:48 AM
> To: Warwak, David
> Subject: RE: meeting
> > No I haven't other than the initial glance at the stats.
> > What would we be meeting about?> >

> From: Warwak, David
> Sent: Friday, April 27, 2007 10:40 AM
> To: Mahaffy, Tim
> Subject: meeting
> Importance: High

> > Hi Tim,

> Hopefully, you have looked at the stats and watched the video,
> maybe perused the book.> Can we set a time next week to meet?

> Thanks,
> Dave

> -----Original Message----->
From: Mahaffy, Tim
Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2007 10:06 AM
> To: Warwak, David
> Subject: RE: stats and such

> > Thanks for the bagel and coffee...but message to long for me to read.> >

_____________________________________________ >
From: Warwak, David
> Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2007 9:54 AM
> To: MS Staff
> Subject: stats and such

> > Bagels and coffee in the teachers' lounge and some alarming stats
> below from a great book I recommend everyone reads.> >

> ----->
> This is a reprint of REALITIES 1989, which are facts excerpted from
> the Pulitzer Prize nominated "Diet for a New America" by John Robbins.
> Mr. Robbins is the heir of the Baskin Robbins fortune; and instead
> of following in his dad's footsteps, he did some research on how the
> American flesh eating diet affects everyone's lives.

-----Original Message-----
From: Mahaffy, Tim
Sent: Tuesday,
April 10, 2007 2:04 PM
To: Warwak, DavidSubject: RE: Concern

You are don't get it. I don't shoe things under the carpet and I do
not appreciate it. I will take care of the posters. You are missing the point.

From: Warwak, David
Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2007 1:54 PM
To: Mahaffy, Tim
Subject: RE: Concern

Sorry you feel that way. I never told anyone to be a vegetarian. I think students should have all the facts and make their own decisions. I thought we want students to be
informed decision makers. I thought nutrition was taught in school. I
respect life and I am taking responsibility (that is the correlation). This
started because of students at our school, our students, are killing animals for
fun - killing birds and squirrels - anything that moves. I thought I would
confront the issue instead of shoeing it under the carpet for fear of phone
calls. I am not sure which posters you are referring to. I can
take them all down if you wish.

-----Original Message-----
From: Mahaffy, Tim
Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2007 12:44 PM
To: Warwak, David
Subject: Concern
Importance: High


This Peep project seems to be turning into a PETA advertisement. I don't like tying in the schools moto of respect and responsibility to a vegetarian diet. I don't see the
correlation and I don't want to be fielding phone calls that we are pushing an
agenda on the students or other staff that is not the opinion of the
district. I think a couple of the posters take this too far and maybe some
of the display. Please be careful not to have this back fire.

The notion that non-vegetarians support cruelty to animals....even if true.....I'm not using our school as a soap box for this opinion. Please remove the posters that indicate that students should not eat meat. I'm sorry if I led you to believe that I supported promoting
being a vegetarian, and that not being one, was bad.

Dr. Tim Mahaffy
Fox River Grove Middle School
401 Orchard Street
Fox River Grove, IL 60021
PH: 847-462-2324 Fax: 847-516-5104

This is the info that was too long to read (which I know is very serious indeed) but change means work
In this example Heriditary Ignorance continues by avoidance, delay, denial, anger, disconnect - do not back down from these people - eventually, you will break through!
This guy sounds like a stalker in his e-mail, especially one that has no sense of the "nuance" of "you don't get it".

I love the part where he cites the heir of the Baskins & Robbins fortune as an expert who has researched diet. Of course, being a reality based type of guy, Warwak realizes an ice cream heir might not be persuasive enough so he goes for the old bribe'em with coffee and bagels trick to get teachers to read his crap.

So now we're at a point of Vegan Or Bust. Or love bambi or I'll sue!

This guy is too stupid to be a student, let alone a teacher.
Big Hat Tip to Darth at Return of the Conservatives!!!


Delaware, Delaware County, Ohio

facing east

facing west toward downtown

Olentangy River, Delaware, Ohio flood, March 29th, 1913

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Oil hits new high above $80

Humberto, maintenance, boutique gas for the east coast and the left coast and liberals. Liberals and their allied ecoterror groups have put us in a pickle. It is going to effect our economy and when it does the liberals will blame Republican policy, conservatives and, of course, Bush.

Our drilling for oil is hobbled in Alaska, crippled in the gulf and held hostage off California and all across the country. By law. Not that our laws are stopping other countries from drilling off our shores. Our laws enacted by liberals and little republicans, all for a warm fuzzy feeling, is now threatening what other countries have only dreamed of, crippling our economy. The economy is strong now because of conservative policy, but for how long when the price of oil is spiraling out of control.

Make no mistake about it, liberals are trying to cause our economy to falter in a controlled fashion. Once it does the liberals can control the House, the Senate, the White House and most state capitols to expand the power of government, lessen the power of states and individuals, by pointing out the bad economy (that they caused) under a Republican president. One way to make the economy to falter is to tie the hands of industry through mechanisms like oil and their crap about the environment.

I am all for animals, natural beauty and a safe environment, but we'll have none of it if our economy falls. No oil and our economy falls. Liberal control and our economy is, at the least, faltering if not worse. I know, Reagan Clinton had the best economy, but he has never thanked Reagan.

With the competition in the market from Communist China, our ally India and other emerging nations for oil the US has to engage in more drilling. If a snail darter loses its little life, well, I'll have a little funeral.

Will moderates and independents still love the caribou family if they can't find work and feed their moderate or independent family?

If I could get oil below $55 and have a good caribou steak I'd be happy.

Why are we being held hostage. Let's drill.

Democrats Jonesing Bad For A Jones Report They Don't Have

Kagen On Jones

Presenting the Jones Report as a condemnation of the Iraqi Security
Forces, proof of their hopelessness, or support for a rapid withdrawal of
American forces or a "change of mission" goes beyond spin. It is simple

I was going to write about this, but Big Lizards has more than I could have put together. Besides, who couldn't believe a, er, lizard.

Go read, it will clear up a lot of the confusion the Democrats are causing.


Harry Reid - Come Over To The Dark Side

Petraeus unites GOP on pullout

But Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who failed repeatedly to muster
enough votes to compel the president to accept a pullout plan, yesterday said he
will try again next week with measures to force significantly larger troop

“I call on Senate Republicans not to walk lockstep with the president as they have done for years,” the Nevada Democrat said. “It is time to come over and join us.”

What part of the "Shut up" America is screaming does Reid not understand? Maybe if he could get Pelosi and Soros out of his, er, ear, he could hear that the people want him to stop.

Just grab Nancy and go home Harry or are you betting on the longshot with your horse "Man 0' Defeat"?

Hat tip This Ain't Hell

Pelosi/Reid - Not Enough!

There will never be enough for Pelosi and Reid.

Humberto & Landrieu-One Unpredictable

Sen Mary Landrieu, just on Fox News, once again blames Bush FEMA for being unprepared and sending out confusing orders during a hurricane. This time concerning Humberto, a category 1 hurricane that didn't exist 17 hours prior to hitting the coast.

Landrieu knew then and she knows now that she and the politicians in Louisiana screwed the pooch during and after Katrina and lied about it. They are still to this day lying about their incompetence and corruption concerning the federal money sent to Louisiana to repair business and buildings.

This is so predictable. Hurricane Humberto is not.

Hillary Clinton - And then God Made Women

I've wondered about rats and spiders too, but I guess there are nice ones as well.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Khongoryn Els, Gobi Desert

Sen Chuck Hsumer 'Surge Is A Failure, Just Like Troops'

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Petraeus Testimony - Webb Of Lies

Me? I'm a genius and you two are obviously not. My son made the surge work before you even had thought of a surge so now just can you tell me just how well that surge thing is working out for you.

Petraeus Testimony - Ms Clinton's 'Truth'

Congratulations gentlemen on a good job, especially when one views the facts that everything in Iraq sucks and is getting worse even as you say the surge is improving things there. Just ask Bill the polls. If I didn't hate that toe sucking Dick I'd ask him to do a triangulate the Sunni Triangle with dueling polls of truth to power schtick.

Thank you gentlemen.

No Barking Ordinance

City puts bite in 'no barking' ordinance
Mount Dora eyes rule to targets dogs

The city may put a leash on frequent dog-barking.Under a proposed
change in Mount Dora's noise ordinance, dogs won't be able to just keep barking
and barking, creating a disturbance in a neighborhood.

Now if a city wants to show some real compassion they would pass an ordinance banning moonbats from barking for more than an hour a day. I know, but cutting them down by 10% per day is a start.

Remembering 9-11

Here are sites remembering 9-11 and the horror of such a barbaric act by common thugs hiding behind a thin veil of religion.

Go to Texas Fred for updates throughout the day. Never Forget Sept 11, 2001

An Ol’ Broads Ramblings Blah Blah Blog Lord Nazh’s Daily Ramble But That’s Just My Opinion 123beta American and Proud American Truckers at War Reject the U.N. TexasFred’s Diamond in the Rough Long Live the Republic Lubbock Marine Parents Basti Say’s For Serenity’s Sake Political Vindication Blue Star Chronicles Rantings, Ramblings, and Other Miscellaneous Stuff The Median Sib Pierre Legrand Isn’t it Rich GM’s Corner The Discerning Texan Southern Sass on Crime YID With LID Driving Out The Snakes Conservative Cowboy INSIGHT on Freedom Freedom Eden JB’s Corner Israel Matzav Potpourri Warriors For Innocence Big Dog’s Weblog The Outraged Spleen of Zion DeMediacratic Nation Blonde Sagacity Dragon Lady’s World Hillbilly White Trash Pirate’s Cove Invincible Armor MamaArcher’s Blog 1389 Blog Antijihadist Tech Traction Control Freedom’s Cost Miss Beth’s Victory Dance Big White Hat Ironic Surrealism II Cav Mom LittleOleLady Mover Mike The RW Zone

God Bless you Texas Fred for putting this together.

American Peacenik Axes Dutchman To Death For Life

Disturbed anti-war protester can't find soldier, kills civilian with
axe instead

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) - A U.S. citizen has confessed to using an axe to kill a Dutch student after failing to find a soldier to attack, his lawyer said Tuesday.

The suspect, Carlos Hartmann, 41, of Tecumseh, Mich., has confessed to the Sept. 8 killing on a train platform in the southern city of Roosendaal, defence lawyer Peter Gremmen said. Gremmen said Hartmann wanted to punish the Netherlands for its support of the war in Iraq.

It's all about the love. 'Screw'em, but lov'em' Kos love.

Petraeus Testimony - Sen McCain

Stump speech!

But a good one.

Petraeus Testimony - Karl Levin's World

Gentlemen, Iraq has gone to Hell in a handbasket. It's true. It says so in the New York Times.

There is no improvement. What you are about to say is just a continuation of the litany of lies.

Gentlemen, you want to say....?

Vietnam Wall Defaced

Petraeus Testimony - Famous Follicle Sums Up

Gentlemen, Thanks.

You haven't really answered anything because you're not in charge.

God love ya. Go grab a sandwich, you knuckleheads.

Petraeus Testimony - Jim Webb Writes A Book

Gentlemen, be careful how you answer. I've got a gun.

Let me quote Eisenhower.....

Rotations aren't up to snuff. Extended tours. Well being of people. Enfland does this....

General, what do you think?

Please step on your boss' toes by contradicting them.

Petraeus Testimony - Captain Casey Asleep

Thank you gentlemen.

Why are you incompetent? I need a nap.

You'll have to excuse me, I'm nodding off here.

Okay, if Iraqi Security Forces... Is it hot in here?

Our goal is Level One Readiness. Right?

Get ready here. I'm about to pounce now that I've teed the General up....

Why aren't they?

I am nodding here.

Where's my sippy cup?

Petraeus Testimony - Sen. Vitter

General, let me ask you this....


Thank you gentlemen.

Petraeus Testimony - Benny Cardin Of The People's Republic Of Maryland

Thanks for the charts, but they're wrong. Displaced people can't targets if they're displaced. They can't be found.


Petraeus Testimony - Sage Menendez Knows The Back Of The Curtain

Sen. Bob Menendez doesn't need to listen to Petraeus' answers, because he already knows the real answers so there is no need for you to finish anything you might want to say General.

Oh, and by the way General, I know you're not being forthright and don't interrupt me with an answer General. I am a Senator from New Jersey. You do know where New Jersey is don't you General?

Toto, go get the Senator a brain.

Petreaus Testimony - General Obama Cites Failure

General Barack Obama clearly stated that the troops and the two ignoramuses he is lecturing are pretty nice guys, but gee, you're having no impact because of the chief ignoramus in the White House which is why I am looking so stately because the job is mine. Don't you think?

Well, I'm out of time for questions. How unfortunate. Give it to me in writing.

Petreaus Testimony - Boxer Proving She Is Dumber Than A Box

Sen. Barbie Boxer is asking a question in the form of a soliloquy on polls versus military strategy. In her vapid mind polls are more important.

Will she ever shut up?

To Start A Day Of Cleansing

A good start would be for those that have demeaned our country, our troops, our President and the reality of 9-11 to stop lying and to start telling the truth.

The two who should start this are Jack Murtha and John Kerry. They both need to publicly apologize to our soldiers for the lies they have publicly stated about them. They also need to apologize to us, the citizens, and our fallen heroes for hiding their service records and the actual series of events that led to their receiving medals.

That would be a start for a day of cleansing this sixth anniversary of 9-11.




And the two biggest cowards are Ayman al-Zawahiri and Osama Bin Laden, the planners of mass murder, who hide away like little twin pathological Napoleons.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Petraeus Testimony - Ros-Lehtinen

Best line so far from the testimony. When Rep Ros-Lehtinen brought up the "Betray Us" ad by the losers at MoveOn a Democrat got indignant and Ros-Lehtinen rolled her eyes and said,

"Get a life."

Rep. Wexler - Petraeus Is A Liar-Part II

Rep. Robert Wexler is pontificating and lecturing Gen. Petraeus at the moment on what is true and what is not true. This loser, Wexler, has the moral indignation of a drunk preacher sermonizing on the evil of alcohol.

If I were Petraeus I'd bitch slap Wexler, but that is why the General is who he is, a professional soldier who does his duty by sitting there listening to pure crap.

If I lived anywhere near Wexler I'd work overtime to defeat him.

Petraeus Testimony - Terrorist Platoon of Lesbians

3:55 Rep. Gary Ackerman is busy making a fool of himself. Again.

But will Ackerman ask Petreaus about potential terrorist platoon of lesbians?

What a schmuck.


Petraeus Testimony- Shriekers Arrested

3:40 More shriekers tossed from the chamber. What great Americans they are that testimony should be stopped.

Rep. Wexler - Petraeus Is A Liar

Congressman Robert Wexler, 19th District of Florida on Fox News just said that Petraeus is lying. He knows what is going on in Iraq better than those there.

General Petraeus' Testimony

2:00 Code Pinkos started their habitual shrieking and were tossed from the chamber. Ike Skelton said if there was anymore shriekers that they would be prosecuted.

Good, but it's sad that court time will have to be wasted on such morons.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Hsu Nough, Communist Dupe?

Is Hsu a Red Chinese plant?

A Fugitive Political Fund-Raiser Leaves a Shadowy Money Trail

Wouldn't be the first time a democrat got Red Chinese money. Clinton I, Gore, Kerry.

To my minion, your thoughts?

Answer up now. All of you.

Go ahead. Flood that comment section.

Is Hsu a plant infiltrating American politics through the sieve known as the Democratic Party?

Maybe through Chuckie Hsumer.

Who's getting dirty Islamofascist money?


Harry Reid, Petraeus The Liar

Reid: Petraeus’ Testimony Is White House Spin

“He has made a number of statements over the years that have not proven
to be factual,” Reid said. “I have every belief that this good man will give us
what he feels is the right thing to do in his report, but it’s not his report
anymore. It’s Bush’s report.”

Rep. Rahm Emanuel, D-Ill., joined his Senate colleagues in claiming the
Petraeus report would be little more than a work of fiction.

“Instead of a new strategy for Iraq, the Bush administration is
cherry-picking the data to support their political objectives and preparing a
report that will offer another defense of the president’s strategy,” said
Emanuel, the House Democratic Caucus Chair. “We don’t need a report that wins
the Nobel Prize for creative statistics or the Pulitzer for fiction.”

As I read and write, Dianne Feinstein is on Fox News Sunday spewing the party line of Petraeus is lying, but he is a nice guy who has to answer to that lying Bush. Oh, and yes the violence is down, but things aren't any better in Iraq.

Go read the entire article at Let Freedom Ring. It is a good article.


Saturday, September 08, 2007

"The United States is a liberal country"

and Michael Moore wears a 32 X 32 slim. In a boot cut for sure.

Moore takes parting shot at Bush in rockstar flick

"The majority of Americans are liberal. They hate that word and they'll
never use it, but if you ask them, 'Do you think women should be paid the same
as men; do you think that we need assault weapons laws; do you think the minimum wage should be raised' ... the majority of Americans take a liberal position on every issue, except capital punishment."

But voters were simply not presented with a strong-enough Democratic
candidate in Kerry, he said. "They don't want to go into a polling booth and
vote for a weenie for president."

Joan Baez and Cat Stevens Yusuf Islam? That's gotta be just rockin.

I guess when you have a million dollar palatial Manhattan pad it's hard to get out and hear what America is really thinking. Or you don't want to.

Take the Peace Train back to Flint weenie.


I Am A Republican Mouth Breather

As well as a knuckle dragger, I guess. Kos kiddies are really neat people in their own way.
Hagel Retiring; Sea Change in the West?

Republican mouth breathers won’t have Chuck Hagel to kick around anymore...
It seems they have their own mouth breather because the next story is:
Brian Baird featured in Freedom Crock ad

Nice going, Bri!


Do I mean that Baird has gone irretrievably over to the dark side when I
say that? No. I mean that Baird has discovered what, for Lieberman, proved to be
the "gateway drug" -- media stardom for being the Democrat who will go on record to provide the coveted Dems DividedTM storyline.

Do mouth breathers reside on the dark side? Will there be Wookies? Princess Leia?

It appears there will be liberal/progressives as well.

Darth's gonna be angry.


Why Fred Dalton Thompson

Gee, You Can't Say That At Ohio State University

Speech Code of the Month: The Ohio State University

“Do not joke about differences related to race, ethnicity, sexual
orientation, gender, ability, socioeconomic background, etc.”

“Words, actions, and behaviors that inflict or threaten infliction of
bodily or emotional harm, whether done intentionally or with reckless disregard,
are not permitted.”

As an old buddy used to say, "You can kiss my black @ss".


Bush Plan Not Going As Planned - Again

Criticism Of McClatchy Surge Story Sparks Online Response

"Pentagon officials and the White House had predicted that U.S.
casualties would rise, especially since the U.S. forces had launched major
offensives in Diyala province, north of Baghdad, and Babil province, to the
south," the response said. "One of the most recent restatements of that premise
came in the White House's July 12 assessment of progress in Iraq on Pages 3 and

"So what happened?" Seibel wrote. "Not what had been predicted. U.S.
deaths caused by enemy action peaked at 120 in May, before the surge reached
full strength or Operation Phantom Thunder was launched. Combat casualties then fell consistently for the next three months, reaching a low of 56 in August.
That's the lowest number of combat casualties all year. You have to go back to
July 2006 to find combat casualties at that level."

And liberals are po'd, but which way?

Chuck Chucks Chuck

Hagel is calling it quits

Some will moan, some will say that this is just another seat Republicans will have to defend and others will say ta-ta, good riddance.

I will ask, is this a Republican shakeup?

I hope so.

UPDATE: Sniper @ 7.62MM Justice takes aim

This is my idea of a good morning, waking up to the news that a
defeat-ocrat in Republican clothing is leaving the Senate, and not running for

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Ron Paul, Butt Boy for Leftists

Ron Paul never had my vote, but now he has lost my respect.

REP. PAUL: The people who say there will be a bloodbath are the ones who said it would be a cakewalk, it would be slam dunk, and that it would be paid for by oil. Why believe them? They've been wrong on everything they've said. Why not ask the people -- (interrupted by cheers) -- why not ask the people who advise not to go into the region and into the war? The war has not gone well one bit.

So just like Schumer, Reid, Pelosi, Kucinich, Durbin etal, Ron Paul now aligns himself with the wackjob left in saying 1) President Bush is a boob and a liar, and 2) Neo Cons (the Jews!) are running our foreign policy. Then Paul ignores the history of the Congressional abandonment of South East Asia and the bloodbath that ensued.

Also Paul decides that spreading freedom is a bad thing since freeing 50+ million people in Iraq and Afghanistan has not made the war go well, not even one bit.

MR. WALLACE: So, Congressman Paul, and I'd like you to take 30 seconds to answer this, you're basically saying that we should take our marching orders from al Qaeda? If they want us off the Arabian Peninsula, we should leave? (Laughter.)

REP. PAUL: No! (Cheers, applause.) I'm saying -- (laughter) -- I'm saying we should take our marching orders from our Constitution. We should not go to war -- (cheers, applause) -- we should not go to war without a declaration. We should not go to war when it's an aggressive war. This is an aggressive invasion. We've committed the invasion of this war, and it's illegal under international law. That's where I take my marching orders, not from any enemy. (Cheers, boos.)

Now Paul has returned to his “9/11 was our fault” meme by saying this is an aggressive war. This is a war against not only those that attacked us, but also those that support terror groups throughout the world and Sadaam was a big supporter. Plus, for Paul, who calls himself a strict constructionist about the Constitution, to cite international law is laughable, just as he is becoming laughable.

REP. PAUL: The American people didn't go in. A few people advising this administration, a small number of people called the neoconservative hijacked our foreign policy. They're responsible, not the American people. They're not responsible. We shouldn't punish them. (Cheers, applause.)

MR. HUCKABEE: Congressman, we are one nation. We can't be divided. We have to be one nation under God. That means if we make a mistake, we make it as a single country, the United States of America, not the divided states of America. (Cheers.)

REP. PAUL: No. When we make a mistake -- (interrupted by applause) -- when we make a mistake, it is the obligation of the people through their representatives to correct the mistake, not to continue the mistake! (Cheers, applause.)

So now, Paul the strict constructionist, is calling for the people, through their representatives to violate the Constitution to control international relations and the rights of the Commander in Chief. Sounds like Harry Reid.

Ron Paul is no conservative, nor is he a libertarian. I don’t know what he is anymore, but he sounding like a butt boy for the likes of John Kerryand his ilk who never once looked back or shed a tear for what his kind of people did to our soldiers and the poor souls who hoped to be free of the yoke of communism in South East Asia. For that alone Mr. Paul, go to hell.

To enhance freedom, spread freedom.


Wannabe Chairman Short Meets Dictator Tall, Assad Kucinich

US Democratic hopeful Kucinich meets Assad, blasts Bush

"I feel the United States is engaging in an illegal occupation ... I
don't want to bless that occupation with my presence," he said in an interview
in Lebanon, after visiting Syria. "I will not do it."

Doing for America what he did for Cleveland.
“Strength through Peace is vastly different from the dead end
neo-conservative ‘Peace through Strength’ doctrine which attempts to
legitimatize unilateralism, first strike and preemption. I want President Assad
to know that our congress and our nation has people who believe in direct

Building peace through betrayal, one dictator at a time. Next stop Tehran?

Peace on brother. Farm out, you weasel.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Mugger Murtha and F'ing Kerry

When is the great American hero going to make public his service records (and medals)? Your choice; Kerry or Murtha.

When is the great American hero going to apologize for their slandering of our troops. Your choice; Kerry or Murtha.

McClatchy McClutches to Defeat in Iraq

Victories in the field denote losses in newsrooms; reasons unclear.

One British analyst, using the example of the British drawdown of forces in southern Iraq, suggested that the lower numbers may mean that American troops are irrelevant to the many conflicts racking Iraq: ethnic cleansing of neighborhoods in Baghdad, massive bombings of religious minorities by Sunni Muslim extremists in northern Iraq and Shiite-on-Shiite-Muslim violence in southern Iraq.

Instead, he suggested, Iraq’s armed factions and politicians already are thinking beyond the troop buildup.

"Everyone is preparing for what happens" after U.S. forces leave, said James Denselow, an Iraq specialist at the London-based Chatham House, a foreign affairs research institute.
In my eyes this is an end point of the beginning of success in Iraq. Petreaus has things moving in the right direction, sectarian violence is being directed inward as more Iraqi citizens reject the sectarian violence and AIG.
I see "beyond the surge" as code for after the US leaves Iraq which brings us full circle, in liberal minds, as dealing with a civil war which is bs. Liberals refuse to deal with Syria and Iran in their equations of Iraq, just as they did with Russia and China in Vietnam.
For a bonus read the comments. There are some beauts, especially those that see this as a "cheerleading" piece for the White House. Yep, at McClatchy, that'd be a given.