Thursday, September 08, 2011

Obama's Speech: If, If, If

Not one thing Obama said tonight will create a job. Everything he said was qualified by "if."

He will do A if business does this. He will do B if business does that.

Obama offered nothing, but more government interference.

Not one job.

Just "if" which means IF the Republicans play by his rules.

If, if, if. Too many qualifiers to actually mean a damned thing.

Just like Obama.

Best Speech, But I Digress

Okay, I did turn back and watch more of it. It was his best speech as president which is not to say it made any sense.

It was business as usual with a lot of passion. Spend big, government power and "we'll help you" talk.

Lot's of passion, but not much new. Just a well made speech and delivered well that actually said nothing new.

Same old, same old.

UPDATE: email asked why I went back and watched. Rubbernecking I guess.

If you listened closely, Obama said let's spend more money. Actually nothing new there.

Bam Bam's Speech


He says they don't matter which mean they do. To him.

Yada. Yada.

Union talk.

Oh oh, unions aren't treated fairly.

Political circus!!!

Joke. Right?

Beginning of nation=unions, eh? No.

Here comes the plan he's offering.......

It will all be paid for....

Yada, lie, yada...

Pass this plan right away!

Bam Bam is politicking. BS.

Pass it right away!

Bad bridges...

Pass it right away.

China (communist China) does it. Why can't we?????

Pass it right away.

With better bridges, our children will learn better!

Workers will be put back to work making better bridges and schools or something without boondoggles.

It will make our economy better.

A TX and MA Rep wrote this idea.

You should pass it right away!

On to schools. We're laying off teachers left and right.

Pass this bill!!!!!

Oh, Good Lord. This man is a lousy candidate and a liar and a loser as a speaker and a president.

I'm watching something more important. Like Gilligan's Island.

Bam Bam's Big Speech.

About to begin. What can he say?


He's got nothing and nothing he says tonight will mean a damned thing except to worsen the economy. Obama has the leaden touch.


What? Obama is actually going to say something that his writers haven't said before.

Time To Forget About 9/11

So says E. J. Dionne Jr., a paramour of failure in all things American. Oh, I'm sure he and others will laugh about rubes across the nation that couldn't possibly understand the more complex notions people like Dionne Jr who figure them out before they have breakfast.

Time to leave 9/11 behind

We must move forward learning from 9/11, but we must never forget 9/11, as he implies in his "behind" wording. Dionne Jr then pulls out Abraham Lincoln and Gettysburg to speak truth to power as in, "The best we could do, Lincoln declared, was to commit ourselves to 'a new birth of freedom.' This is still our calling." as if it is a truth he understands. The truth is we still face terrorist threats that are still growing unlike the High Tide of the Confederacy President Lincoln spoke of over all the dead at Gettysburg.

Dionne Jr invokes the "lost decade" to explain why we must move on from 9/11.We have endured many lost decades as those that wish to see our society, economy and nation utterly remade in their vision. No, I'm not writing about terrorists, I am writing of all the Dionne Jrs that brought us and encouraged us to leave the wisdom and time proven methods that made our country great. Each lost decade needed us to forget, in fact each lost decade demanded we leave God, country, family and civic duty behind.

To move forward we do need to forget people like Dionne Jr so that we may clearly remember the events and people that made our nation great so we can build on that success as we look forward.

On the 10th anniversary of the cowardly attacks by Islamic radicals, Islamofascists, we will pray for the dead and their families as well as for those working to defend us and for those that will win for us a world devoid of bin Ladens and his odious ilk.

No, it is not time to put 9/11 "behind" us. It is time to keep 9/11 in the very forefront of our minds as we look forward and plan for a world without terror and their facilitators. And it did not take me until breakfast to figure this out.

The Obama Presidency by the Numbers

Praise The Lard & Pass The Dissemblation (with updates)

Or how the left loves themselves some large government and will lie at both ends of the argument to "prove" how much we need a bizillion bureaucrats.

Texas Forest Service Budget As High As It Has Ever Been.
Trivia Tidbit of the Day: Part 940 -- Texas Did Not Slash Firefighting Capabilities-

There's plenty of (almost joyful, schadenfreude-inspired) chatter out there on the left, relishing the wildfires in Texas. One of the arguments liberals are making right now is that Texas "slashed" its wildfire fighting budget. So, is that so?

Well, one has to remember that they're attacking Texas and Rick Perry so what's just another lie between liberal friends, eh? But, that's what the geniuses at places like Fire Dog Lake and Crooks & Liars do and then all their little cut and paste eaters pass it on as gospel.

UPDATE: The Obama administration grounded one of the most effective fleet of fire fighting planes in the weeks leading up to the Texas wildfires and California's fire season.

Nearly half of the federal government’s firefighting air tankers are siting idle at a California airport, grounded by the Obama administration in a contract dispute just weeks before wildfires swept through Texas killing a mother and her child, and destroying 100,000 acres.

The massive blazes forced Texas Gov. and Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry to abruptly call off a campaign appearance in South Carolina earlier this week to respond to the crisis, and may force him to cancel his first debate appearance Wednesday night.

The U.S. Forest Service terminated the contract with Aero Union five weeks ago to operate seven P-3 Orions that are critical to the agency’s firefighting mission, leaving the federal government with 11 tankers under contract to help battle more than 50 large uncontained wildfires now burning nationwide.

That’s down from 40 tankers used by the Forest Service just a decade ago, according to Rep. Dan Lungren (R.-Calif.), chairman of the House Committee on Administration, who is challenging the decision to dismiss the largest provider of heavy air-tanker support to the federal government

UPDATE: Back in the month of May 2011 President Obama, in what many saw as a political move, denied to Texas federal assistance to further fight the ongoing wildfires (but Obama did squeeze in a fundraiser in Austin).

Texas Gov. Rick Perry's request denied  

UPDATE: Obama DID send planes to fight fires. In Mexico

Two specially equipped U.S. Air Force cargo planes left Colorado on Saturday to help battle wildfires in northern Mexico.

The C-130s were requested by the Mexican government and the U.S. State Department, a U.S. Northern Command spokesman said.

The planes can spray about 3,000 gallons of fire retardant in a matter of seconds from a system of pressurized tanks called Modular Aerial Fire Fighting System or MAFFS.

The MAFFS is designed for the cargo bay of a C-130.