Thursday, November 22, 2007

Kryptonite To Stupid In 60 seconds.

I was perusing things and ideas this morning to enjoy as a Thanksgiving treat and thought I might as well give thanks for things that are not.

In Favor Of A Tough Primary Season
Am I the only one who thinks the dustup between Clinton, Obama, and Edwards is on balance a good thing? For whatever fodder it might give the GOP (they're going to call us all terroristic babykillers anyway) it will show us at the end of the day which campaign has balls. Going back to 2003 I would have liked to have seen more fighting between Kerry, Edwards, Clark and Gephardt so that we would know they wouldn't fold like a cheap tent after b.s. attacks from the right (Swift Boat).
Terroristic? No, not terroristic, but O-liver is right, the candidate with balls will probably win. O'liver is also right in that we should have all honored John F'ing Kerry's service as a Francis Ford Coppola, Jr with 8mm future campaign home movies in Vietnam. But why pull out the Swift Boat attack and whine about it again, especially against guys that really served? Kerry should have tried such an attack. He could have actually helped the war effort. Talk about b.s. and folding like a cheap tent...

To quote O-liver, "Like Kryptonite to Stupid."

Democratic Thanksgiving

Ron and Mahmoud couldn't make it and Uncle Vlad is on too many meds to travel.
UPDATE! UPDATE!! New information on why Uncle Vlad couldn't make it. It appears his meds, or lack thereof, had nothing to do with it. He, uh, was busy at the office. Yeah, busy. Saving the world. From the west. Yeah, busy. Very busy.