Wednesday, December 01, 2010

As Europe Lectured They Took US Bailout Dollars

Americans angry over the bailouts, stimulus funny money and the general "too big too fail" mentality amongst the financial geniuses in Washington will be thrilled to find out that billions of dollars went to Europe. Our banks are being hammered by bad loans pushed on them by Bwarney Frank, Dodd and the other losers in Congress and those banks have failed, lost 100s of millions or have had to hose shareholders, but foreign banks got the bucks even as their governments lectured America on economics.

European banks took big slice of Fed aid
Many of the worst dim bulbs and losers got tossed in the last election because of thinking such as this. Now it is time to toss the president and his economic allies in the Senate in the next election. This economic theory isn't a theory anymore, it is a proven disaster from stimulus, cap and trade, bailouts, health care reform and buying huge chunks of corporations to support their buddies the unions.
Cut spending by 10%, cut government programs by 10% and fire 25% of bureaucrats including contractors. That'd be a start. In the second round do it it all over again.