Thursday, November 30, 2006

ACLU, AUSC, CI and Sweet Mary, Mother of Christ

Film "Nativity" allowed to be shown at public schools.

ACLU Virginia spokesman Kent Willis said the screenings were "perfectly
acceptable" as long as the schools were not sponsoring the event, they were not
mandatory, and the Christian group was not getting any special treatment other
student organizations would be unable to get.

"Certainly the teachers shouldn't be promoting a religious event," Boston
added. "Our main concern would be if any public school were screening this
devotional film and expecting all of the students to watch it. That would be
schools sponsoring religion - we couldn't have that."

Tom Flynn of the secularist Center for Inquiry said there was no law that
would allow schools to reject the screenings, even though he felt the current
laws were "probably more lenient in this situation than is probably

It is so ever nice we could get their okay! Almost as nice as the time Dad allowed me to sneak a beer. As long as I didn't tell Mom when she got home. From church.

Where do I send my thank you note?

Women, children and the poor hit hardest.

If it ain't one thing........

Faces Growing Obesity Problem

"It's not true that only the rich have problems with obesity and overweight," says Jean-Claude Mbanya, director of Cameroon's National Obesity Center.

"The poor suffer even more."

crazy black professor wants white people exterminated

What to say, eh?