Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Buffett Flunks Basic Econ 101 Again

Buffett backs estate tax, decries wealth gap
"In a country that prides itself on equality of opportunity, it's
becoming anything but that as the gap between the super-rich and the middle
class is widening."

Buffett must have something else going on that he flunks basic math and statistics. Like it's time to retire.

As "Redacted" will not be watched here in this country because it is crap, but will be highlighted in the press of our enemy, most people will think, "Warren, shut up you fool", but liberals will run through the streets tearing their flesh and screaming, "Finally, a rich pig is telling the truth".

Warren, we don't need that. Nor do we need you to keep babbling.

I addressed Buffett's earlier comments before. Here

Denison Univ. Finds Way To Stop 'Isms, Violence And Rape

Denison president wants dialogue to filter into life
Knobel says Denison needs to sustain awareness, continue diversifying
During Wednesday's forum, students asked the university to consider
tougher penalties for those who commit hate crimes and to revisit its decision
several years ago to cut women's, black and homosexual studies as required

He said he also holds students responsible for monitoring their own
behavior and that of their friends. "We have cross-cutting expectations," Knobel
said. "We need to remind ourselves of the responsibility we have. I would like
them to look one another in the eye and say those aren't the values we espouse
at Denison."

Required courses and "monitoring" others who fail the Denison code. Those that fail will face a jury of faculty, staff and students?

Another way of putting it would be to say - Submit or face a stacked jury.

GroupThink 101 will stop all 'Isms except Socialism and PCism.

UPDATE: Students have shaken up the old and false world and replaced it with a real world in which they now study, live and plan their and everyone else's future.

What have we learned?
We've shaken up the status quo on campus by picking up Denison and
turning it on its head.

Doane Administration Building can no longer sustain its safe haven
image it has exuded for so long, that quieted students by showing them
everything is okay.

We've extracted the administrators from behind their desks of Doane,
their ivory tower, and brought them down to eye-level at the flagpole. And we
told them what we want to see change.

For those of you students who still think that Denison is bubble - an
isolated, rural sanctuary of academia that will protect you from the omnipresent
evil in the "real world" - then we feel pity for you. For those of you who think
that Denison embraces a "Camp Denidoo" mentality and denies any real-life
experience by shoving you into a dorm, making you eat in a dining hall and never
having to see a consistent bill, we hope you are reading this: because if
there's one thing we can take away from this entire situation, even if you were
sitting in your room playing Halo for the past two weeks, it's that Denison is
the real world. There's no way around denying that you had any idea of what has
been going on for the last two weeks.

There are real, actual tangible human beings that have spoken out
against an institutionalized marginalization and now the healing process has

Let's see this process through and not let Thanksgiving break or the
winter breaks wear us down. Activism is a lifetime commitment, not a short-term
tactic to get what we want.

Expressing our emotions and the need for sympathy have been very
important first steps but we need to realize that true change happens when we
engage in the issues on more than the surface.

That may mean something different for us all. It might mean joining one
of the many student activist groups, researching the issues in a scholarly
manner or thinking about your privilege and how can you best help other

Bush Killed The America

The world hates us. That is fact. It is fact if you wear tin foil and attend fascist rallies.
Another Pro-American Leader Wins Re-Election in Denmark
Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen, a staunch supporter of President Bush and the War on Terror led his party to a big win in Denmark today.

Just like France, England and Germany, now Denmark has shown the world that Bush is wrong. Crazy. Criminal. Stupid. And that the boy do love hisself some Jooooooos.

They be wrong. As usual.

Thanks to Gateway Pundit for the heads up

Shameless Democrats Lie About Suicide To Trash Troops

Sen. Patty Murray is on C-Span giving a deeply heartfelt speech dripping with disdain for President Bush, the Republican Party and the war in Iraq. It is all based on a news story by CBS. In short, that means it is based on lies.

Patty Murray is a good choice, her father was a disabled veteran which gives her one of those unassailable liberal platforms. Patty worked in VA hospitals as a volunteer which adds gravitas to her and her position. Her heartfelt plea for common sense and common good is a shameless political ploy for liberals to get their way concerning Iraq. It is such a shameless political ploy because what they are saying is a lie. CBS knows it. Liberals know it, Democrats know it and Patty Murray knows it

Aviation Week picked up on this and has a short and sweet rebuttal called:
Doing the Math

How much longer will the Democrats, pushed by their wackjobs on the left, continue to insult us, the voters, and our troops.

They are shameless. They are liars.

Unchain My Heart


I'm under your spell (i'm under your spell) like a man in a trance (like a man in a trance)
but i know darn well (but i know darn well) that i dont stand a chance (that i dont stand a chance) so
Unchain my heart (unchain my heart) let me go my way (unchain my heart)
Unchain my heart (unchain my heart) you worry me night and day (unchain my heart)
(ohhhhhh)Why lead me through a life of misery
(ohhhhhh)when you don't care a bag of beans for me(ohhhhhh)
So unchain my heart, oh please, please set me free