Thursday, July 24, 2008

Obama, Faux Citizen Of The World

Obama tries so hard to say what he thinks will please the congregation thus raise his halo that he just falls flat after the service and the communion wine has worn off.

Problems here at home brought by the Pelosi-Reid "government" and Obama is kissing up in foreign lands. Environmentally inflated gas killing budgets and Obama is in the theatre of the absurd acting Jewish at the Wailing Wall. Banks are in trouble and he's trying to play commander in chief by insulting professional soldiers with his tin ear to the facts on the ground. This isn't the way to bolster his foreign policy resume. He hasn't got one and it shows.

Euro Trash Talking
While Barack Obama took a premature victory lap today in the heart of Berlin, proclaiming himself a 'citizen of the world,' John McCain continued to make his case to the American citizens who will decide this election. Barack Obama offered eloquent praise for this country, but the contrast is clear. John McCain has dedicated his life to serving, improving and protecting America. Barack Obama spent an afternoon talking about it.

I'm betting on the tortoise. The hare is a tad too skittish because this is one race track he can't handle.

Second Coming In Berlin! Bernhardt Hessian Obamasheitz Arrives

All of Berlin paralyzed with joy of his adoring gaze.

Spiegel Live Ticker
Bernhardt Hessian Obamasheitz addresses global warming
In order to provide protection for Obama, the Berlin Police Department has deployed an additional 700 police. Direct bodyguards for Obama are being provided by the US Secret Service. With a motorcade of more than 20 vehicles, Obama begins the short journey to downtown Berlin.

He displays His international expertise
A few hundred tourists gather in front of the Chancellery hoping to get a glimpse of Obama as he arrives for his planned meeting with Angela Merkel. They succeed: When he steps out of his car, the Democratic Party presidential candidate waves to the crowd.

He sees the birthplace of the Republican Party
The German leader meets Obama in the "Skylobby" of the Chancellery office. They shake hands and pat each other on the shoulders. Merkel quickly shows him the view of the Reichstag across the street, which is home to Germany's parliament.

He does the Breck Boy move
Obama has arrived at the Hotel Adlon. Hundreds of spectators are gathered in front of the hotel, but he has decided to use the back entrance to the underground parking garage.

Merkel has shortest discussion ever
The first-ever meeting between Illinois Senator Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel "was a very open and deep discussion in a very good atmosphere," said German government spokesman Ulrich Wilhelm. The spokesman said the politicians had conducted detailed discussions about foreign policy issues as well as climate change and economic issues.

Now you see Him. Now you don’t. Ich Bin Berliners more important.
"Barack Obama will not be coming to us," a spokesperson for the US military hospital in Landstuhl announced. "I don't know why." Shortly before the same spokeswoman had announced a planned visit by Obama.

Breathless media exhilarated.
German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier greets Obama in the inner courtyard of the German Foreign Ministry, where dozens of staff and about 70 journalists are waiting for his appearance. After a brief handshake, the two go back into the building.

He states His foreign policy with bravado, but there is no terror in Iraq.
Obama wants to urge the Europeans to increase their role in the war on terror during his speech this evening, says an Obama advisor. He will call on Europe to contribute more troops.

He brings the sunshine.
Hundreds of people wait in the sunshine in front of the barriers at the Brandenburg Gate, hoping to be some of the first to enter the Fan Mile. The area around the Victory Column where Obama will hold his speech is still sealed off. Visitors will be allowed entry starting at 4 p.m.

He further addresses global warming
With blue lights flashing and traveling in a long convoy Obama leaves the Foreign Ministry after just about an hour.

His foreign policy is refined, no cowboy at this coronation.
Steinmeier said he detected parallels in their philosophy of foreign policy. "Cooperation instead of confrontation -- that is also his foreign policy aim." Steinmeier said it had been a good conversation.

God is not French. He doesn’t even speak it.
While Obama's Berlin visit has caused a stir, hardly anyone is interested in his trip to Paris on Friday. There are hardly any French media reports on the eve of his visit. There is merely some grumbling about the extensive itinerary for his trip to Berlin. "A speech in Berlin, five little hours in Paris," writes French daily Le Monde.

Berlin voters are proud of their country for the first time because of Him.
Onlookers run down the broad avenue towards the stage in front of the Victory Column where Obama will give his speech in a few hours. The first visitors have now been allowed to enter the area and are searching for the best vantage points. They want to be able to hear exactly what the US politician has to say to the Germans.

2nd American invasion force in 63 years.
Dozens of Americans wearing Obama buttons swarm from Berlin's Central Station in the direction of the Fan Mile.

He addresses racial problems in America. Says Berlin is a symbol of hope.
The meeting between Obama and Wowereit lasts 20 minutes, during which the Berlin mayor asks the senator about integration strategies in the US. Obama then signs the city's guestbook, which Wowereit has brought with him to the Hotel Adlon. He writes: "Thank you so much for this open-hearted welcome. Berlin is a symbol for the victory of hope over fear and that it is impossible to separate people in their pursuit of freedom."

His evening wear will be discussed when possible. No report on boxers or briefs.
Obama enters the luxury Ritz Carlton hotel wearing a T-shirt, black sweatpants and white trainers -- apparantly to work out in the hotel's gym.

He loves Berlin. Staying much longer. Will shorten Paris visit.
Obama seems to like the German capital. He is to stay longer on Friday than he had originally planned, delaying his departure for Paris by two hours to just after noon. According to his team, however, these plans can change at any time.

World messiah described.
Berlin's mayor sings Obama's praises after their meeting. "He is a very charming and determined man, who has a vision for America and the whole world," says Klaus Wowereit after meeting with the senator.

He discusses Wright and wrong and how America has become lost.
Obama says "We cannot afford to be divided. On both sides of the Atlantic we have drifted apart and forgotten our shared destiny." Obama calls on people to "tear down new walls." "True partnership and true progress requires constant work and sustained sacrifice. Require allies who will learn from each other, listen to each other and most of all trust each other." "America has no better partner than Europe."

**Menus, favorite cocoas and bathroom habits sought. Developing…**

Baruch Obama Wailing On The Wall

In his newest, since yesterday, incarnation, the Obamessiah went to the Wailing Wall to try to shore up flagging support from Jews. In trying to fight smears and racism some believe caused by Obama's anti-Semitic past and his close friendships and associations with Louis Farrakhan and Jeremiah Wright, Obama was ready to do some political self-humbling for support.

Obama Visits Western Wall
At 5:11 am, Obama --a white yarmulke atop his head, a pack of Secret Service agents surrounding him -- walked from the motorcade with a small group of men to a sectioned off area of the Western wall of the Temple Mount, traditionally considered the last remnant of the Holy Temple.

Men and women are separated at the Wall, and a female Secret Service agent and two female Obama communications staffers went to the women's side.

One of the men with Obama, Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovich, the Rabbi of the Wall, read Psalm 122 to the small group from a Bible, "A Song of Ascents of David."

"I rejoiced with those who said to me, 'Let us go to the house of the Lord,'" read the Rabbi. "Our feet are standing in your gates, O Jerusalem."

Rabinovich gave Obama a big book that described thie history of the Wall.

The pre-dawn sky was dark.

It appears at that point Obama changed his name to Baruch Hillel Oshiya or Barry Goldstein or something. Also, it is not clear if the name change is permanent or if Michelle (henceforth Malka) had signed off on the deal.

Unfortunately, most didn't buy the self-humbling.

And then one man at the Wall began screaming: "Obama, Jerusalem is our land! Obama, Jerusalem is not for sale!"

Baruch didn't think that very pious.

"It was rowdier than the last time I was there, you know?" Obama told reporters on the plane. "I mean, people were sort of, like, holerin'. You know I was expecting more reverence."

Baruch was on to the next miracle. Or next 'crap shoot' as Baruch puts it. And the media keeps buying it.