Sunday, September 04, 2011

A Message To Islam And The Murdering Little Bastards They Have Supported No Matter What They Say And Have Lied About

Muslims will say it is unfair. Too bad. For them. They are complicit in murder by being part of a murderous religion, which is actually a cult like atheism and other loser groups of fools, that murdered about 3,000 Americans on 9/11.

It is now almost 10 years since islamic little rabid bastards murdered Americans. They say their religion is peaceful or what ever bull they want to pander. They lie. The proof is in the murdered Americans that followers of Islam committed. islamofascists murdered men, women, children and babies.

As soon as this failed presidency, Obama, a man totally lacking, is defeated, we will once again come looking for you. Not with drones. Not with bombs, but with person to person and up front face to face death looking your "religious" leaders in the face. I hope they die hard just like the deaths they have rejoiced in ordering.

Islam, you are cowards. That is a proven fact. Nut job islamic losers murdered Americans. Innocent Americans. Americans that never knew you were going to attack and never had a chance to defend themselves. You're lying little sneak bastards who stab people in the back. That seems to be how you think. Lie. Cheat. Attack. Kill.

You will lose. You will lose. We will destroy you because you are wrong. You follow fat bastards, called Imams, who send "believers" to do a job they won't do themselves because they are cowards which makes their so-called believers fools.

72 virgins? Jerk off and you'll have a better chance at heaven.

Happy 10th anniversary 9/11 coward murderers. Islam has been cheapened. Islam is now crap. Islam is a lie. If you still support a murder for hire cult, look for retribution. It's coming your way.

We are coming. Be aware. We will kill you.

You cannot win. You are facing free people from America. A pissed off people you have never really faced. You can't say that you have faced us because you sent your worst trash to sneak in and to attack us.

May you rot in Hell.


This is my rememberance for 9/11.

If this president doesn't attack, attack, attack, he is the wimp that all have called him. 

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