Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Desperately Seeking Reading Help

I'm not sure what your reading comprehension level is after reading this post, so here's another post on this topic with a video you can watch:

Video: Right-wing Bets Against U.S. In Pirate Standoff
http://www.progressohio.org/page...aveharding/ CqhZ

The above comment was left for my post concerning the rescue of Capt. Phillips:
Are Progressives Torn Over The Freeing Of Captain Phillips?
Progress Ohio had this post up this morning. It is a shameless attack on the morals of all the people following this ordeal. It is also a very sad comment on the author.

I must admit, I am deeply wounded by such a critique of my reading skills, but I shall endeavor to rise above it somehow. It is wearisome knowing I shall never be intellectual enough to be a Progressive, but that is only one more burden to carry and I shall once again endeavor to bear it.
Also, I must admit that a source such as Kos TV is hard to refute in the mind of a Progressive. Especially with the obvious editing skill of the person who put this masterpiece together.

So, once again I will say that this is a shameless attack on fellow citizens, even by the intellectual standards of Dave.

Did conservatives want Capt. Phillips murdered, say like the 100's of thousands Saddam murdered, just to have a political point to score? No and nor did the people on Dave's Kos TV video. They questioned Obama's ability to handle this matter and based on the events as they were unfolding and based on comments by President Obama during the campaign and leading up to the event, they were in my mind, right to do so. Oh wait, they must be racists. OMG, that means I am one.

The left appears incapable of understanding that a loyal opposition hopes that Obama's programs, not Obama, to fail. Actually, they are well aware of the frivolousness of that charge, but they'd rather the political battles be fought on that ground rather than honestly. The race card has been good to the left. Unfortunately, the race card has not been good for blacks, whites and other races, but when one wants to paint they opponents with a wide brush race will do I guess.

So did the Right want Obama to fail and Capt. Phillips murdered for political gain? Again, no. Nor are we racists as the Democrat Party history has shown itself for decades.

Racists are mean-spirited little nothings. Just as are those that falsely accuse others of being party to murder for political gain. Those that constantly feel the need to interject personal slurs are just sad.