Monday, May 12, 2008

Obama's Management Style - Blame Subordinates

Obama's incmpentent staff from Taxman Blog. It is enlightening. Go read.

Will the Obama blame a staffer for offering a Smithfield Ham to Ahmadinejad when they have a no-preconditioned pillow talk?

Just How Stupid Are Ron Paul Supporters?

Apparently this stupid.

Ron Paul's forces quietly plot GOP convention revolt against McCain
Virtually all the nation's political attention in recent weeks has focused on the compelling state-by-state presidential nomination struggle between two Democrats and the potential for party-splitting strife over there.

But in the meantime, quietly, largely under the radar of most people, the forces of Rep. Ron Paul have been organizing across the country to stage an embarrassing public revolt against Sen. John McCain when Republicans gather for their national convention in Minnesota at the beginning of September.

Paul's presidential candidacy has been correctly dismissed all along in terms of winning the nomination. He was even excluded as irrelevant by Fox News from a nationally-televised GOP debate in New Hampshire.

But what's been largely overlooked is Paul's candidacy as a reflection of a powerful lingering dissatisfaction with the Arizona senator among the party's most conservative conservatives. As anticipated in late March in The Ticket, that situation could be exacerbated by today's expected announcement from former Republican Rep. Bob Barr of Georgia for the Libertarian Party's presidential nod, a slot held by Paul in 1988.

They've had Ralph Nader. We've had Ross Perot cost us an election. It appears that now we have two men, Bob Barr & Ron Paul, I used to admire vying for the "Let's save America by screwing it" award.

We are yet to see just how many loons Barr can attract, but Paul has attracted buggy ones like a zapper on a hot humid evening. They are so buggy that they actually believe they are patriotic by helping Obama or Hillary win the White House. They are so buggy they believe their ideological purity forces them to throw our country to progressives because their "rightness" doesn't allow for any compromise.

They're also political babies that refuse to constructively work within the Republican party to change things as Reagan did. The little retards are miffed that none of the adults will listen to their swill so they're going to have a hissy fit to just show us all.

They're spoiled little brat traitors.

Too Funny

Dean Barnett at The Weekly Standard

Barack Obama, Imperialist?

By now you've seen the footage of Barack Obama ruing the fact that he hasn't been able to visit all 57 states in this great union of ours. If you haven't, scroll down a bit and read Goldfarb's post on the matter. I'll wait.

This faux pas is beyond weird; I know the guy is tired, but “How many states are there in America?” is the kind of question they ask you at the hospital after you've had a seizure to see if your brain is still working.

A good friend who wasn't aware that he diabetic almost went into a coma, but was brought back in time. He was asked by the attending doctor what day it was, what the year was and how many states there are in the United States. Groggily he answered the questions one by one ending with 49 states. The doctor asked him if he was sure to which he replied, "I've always had doubts about New Jersey."

Saving New Orleans By Destroying It

via Veritas et Venustas

Brad Pitt is trying to help. Help is building houses in the 9th Ward in New Orleans where if there is a major storm, hurricane or flood again, all the house will be destroyed again, but Pitt is trying to help. I wish he'd stop. I think a whole lotta people in New Orleans feel the same way, but some people have no choice but to go with Pitt because the city government is run by morons totally incapable of policing Mardi Gras let alone a city.

Forcing starchitects, as John Massendale calls them, on people is just wrong and egotistical. How do you save a neighborhood by making it what it never was? How do you save a neighborhood by building stupid, ugly little houses that will never be homes?


Russian upgrade

Newsweek's Newspeak Where Truth Is Bad

How Obama and his team will battle the GOP onslaught.
There are no screamers on Team Obama; one senior Obama aide says he's heard him yell only twice in four years. Obama was explicit from the beginning: there was to be "no drama," he told his aides. "I don't want elbowing or finger-pointing. We're going to rise or fall together." Obama wanted steady, calm, focused leadership; he wanted to keep out the grandstanders and make sure the quiet dissenters spoke up. A good formula for running a campaign—or a presidency.

It worked against Hillary Clinton, whose own campaign has been rent by squabbling aides and turf battles. While Clinton veered between playing Queen Elizabeth I and Norma Rae, Obama and his team chugged along with a superior 50-state campaign strategy, racking up the delegates. If the candidate seemed weary and peevish or a little slow to respond at times, he never lost his cool. But the real test is yet to come. The Republican Party has been successfully scaring voters since 1968, when Richard Nixon built a Silent Majority out of lower- and middle-class folks frightened or disturbed by hippies and student radicals and blacks rioting in the inner cities. The 2008 race may turn on which party will win the lower- and middle-class whites in industrial and border states—the Democrats' base from the New Deal to the 1960s, but "Reagan Democrats" in most presidential elections since then. It is a sure bet that the GOP will try to paint Obama as "the other"—as a haughty black intellectual who has Muslim roots (Obama is a Christian) and hangs around with America-haters.

Obama says he's ready for the onslaught. "Yes, we know what's coming," he told a cheering crowd as he won the North Carolina primary last week. "We've seen it already … the attempts to play on our fears and exploit our differences to turn us against each other for pure political gain—to slice and dice this country into Red States and Blue States; blue-collar and white-collar; white, black, brown."

Okay, what do we have here? For openers Obama is a quiet, thoughtful team player who values good advice which is "A good formula for running a campaign—or a presidency." By contrast all others pale when compared to his obviously competent leadership.

Next the Republican Party has been scaring voters since Richard Nixon. A double-good punch with scare and Nixon in the same thought mixed in with lies about Obama's religion which lessens Wright's odious thoughts and words. Not bad even for Newsweek when truth becomes bad and when the truth is used it is a scare tactic.

It's a wrap with Obama triumphantly facing down the Republicans continued attempts "to play on our fears and exploit our differences to turn us against each other for pure political gain—to slice and dice this country into Red States and Blue States; blue-collar and white-collar; white, black, brown."

Our fears? Would those be fears of what Obama will do as president? No, not at all because he is the best candidate. Obviously. It is also obvious to Newsweek's Obama campaign that Republicans need division and fear of a BLACK man who has a SECRET agenda of ISLAM to defeat the next JFK.

I really enjoy great campaigning especially when a campaign can seemingly pull everything together effortlessly, but when will Obama acknowledge this "in-kind" donation from their outside media consultants at Newsweek because this isn't reporting nor is it opinion. It's campaigning.

If the truth is bad then Newsweek should step up and admit it is bad to lie about those they want to defeat and it is bad to not be honest about their true role in this campaign.

HT to Gateway Pundit

The Clintons Spend Their Own Money?

Doubtful unless for the first time in their life they have their own money and they don't know what it is.

Is Hillary staying to force herself onto the ticket? She hates second fiddle plus Michelle doesn't like Hillary.

What is a scenario that would put Hillary back on top without hurting her. Simple.

Let's say Obama has the nomination in the bag. The super delegates have voted and Barack is the man, but the Clintonistas have some serious dirt on him, his wife or major people in his campaign that would cause Obama to step down before being officially nominated. This dirt cannot be released by the Clintons, that would hurt them so it is released in the press, maybe the foreign press and oh so reluctantly picked up by the MSM here. The kicker is the story is either attributed or strongly hinted to be the work of Republicans.

Obama goes down.
Hillary steps in to save the day as the nominee who will enact revenge for Obama.
Republicans get blamed.
Democrats keep and enlarge their minority vote.
Democrats enlarge their Independent vote.
Republicans lose everywhere for their "typical" dirty tricks.

The Clintons make all their money back.