Sunday, April 11, 2010

WooHoo! TPM Says I'm Close To The Ohio GOP! AND A Racist!!

Wish I was.

In response to my response to his statement, "The whole south shifts to the Republican Party over one issue, they don’t like black people…so you have the racism thing,..", M.J. Rosenberg, a progressive, stated this about my post:

Check out this blog post from some blogger close to the Ohio GOP. In the blogger's effort to prove that the GOP is not racist, this Ohioan refers in passing to he "War of Northern Aggression." He also does not know that the solid south moved to the GOP not in 1980 because Dixie liked Reagan but in 1964 because Dixie hated the Civil Rights Act. This is classic. I wonder what percentage of the right would disagree with any of it.

Me, a classic! Wow, so many compliments and in just one smug little piece. Rosenberg shows a one sided understanding of southern politics with his self-righteous referencing of my use of "War of Northern Aggression", but his really deep understanding of southern politics is in his political timeline meme. Yep, the solid south was voting overwhelmingly for Republicans in 1964. Goldwater got 5 of 14 southern states in 1964; Republicans picked up approximately 8 House seats while Democrats held all southern Senate seats, but by 1966 Republicans had gained an actual southern Senate seat (Tennessee)!

To believe M.J., the South hates blacks so much that they went Republican just to spite Democrats for supporting Civil Rights. To M.J., Democrats overwhelmingly supported civil rights and Republicans were overwhelmingly against civil rights. Too anyone who reads history, that thinking is an outright lie manufactured to keep alive the liberal meme of Republican = Racist.

BTW M.J., I am not "close" with the Ohio GOP. I don't work for them, never have. I worked for the NRCC in the south in 1984. That work was the basis of my post, and the racism that I saw then came from the Democrats.

To paraphrase, This is classic. I wonder what percentage of the left would disagree with any of it.

Socialist Credit Cards To Smash Capitalism!! What's The APR?

Crash The Tea Party plans to infitrate Tea Party events to brand them as unAmerican with lies, foolish behavior and a mix of faux connections to racism and other things. Typical leftist stuff, lies are.

I thought their site a hoot with the image to the left taken from the bottom of their page:

Are you a Capitalist... Or a Socialist? right above credit card links. I wonder what APR these Socialists are paying to smash Capitalism.

Maybe I should ask what APR their mummy and daddy are paying.