Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Apologies To My Visitors

I enjoy very much being part of BNN/Ohio and having the opportunity to read opposing views. Even though I may disagree with many of them I find that most are good people with interesting and thoughtful views. Lisa Renee does an absolutely outstanding job of being editor and has never been anything but gracious and receptive to my ideas and responsive to my questions.

Why am I apologizing? Simple, my visitors have had to see extreme vulgarities in a few of the headlines on the BNN feed that I have on my site. Unfortunately, some spew their trash as a child might to act cool and 'grown up.' They are neither.

Lisa Renee allowed me share my concern with her. I expressed to her that I have been known to cut loose with some most colorful language from time to time. Unfortunately, many of my friends can attest to that. I am careful not to offend those who do share my opinion that it is perfectly okay to reply to a stupid statement with a, "I don't give a dead rat's (behind)." When I do, it is the child in me that I allow out. My late mother and my wife have never been impressed, swayed or humored when that juvenile in me slipped out the few times it did within their earshot. I apologized immediately and made sure I didn't offend again as I would to any person.

I have no doubt that those that speak like this in a public forum such as BNN's headline ticker do not care if others are offended. They don't care if those with deep feelings of religion or just plain common self respect are offended because these writers understand neither. Actually, I think they're probably amused by their immature and offensive headline histrionics.

Again, I apologize if you have been offended and I am trying to effect a change.

Hate Crime Legislation Or Robespierre Comes To America

I'm pretty sure why Specter is a co-sponsor of a law that would prevent a lot of 'hate' speech directed at him right now. I wonder if Collins and Snowe will jump off the bridge just because Arlen did. Mom?

Obama urges passage as Kennedy introduces hate crimes bill in Senate
As U.S. House lawmakers made preparations Tuesday for a floor vote on hate crimes legislation, Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) introduced similar legislation in the Senate.

The new Senate bill, called the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act, is named after a gay college student who was murdered near Laramie, Wyo., in 1998 because of his sexual orientation. Like the House bill, it would enable the Justice Department to prosecute hate crimes committed against LGBT people.

In a statement Tuesday, Kennedy said the legislation is "long overdue" and "hate crimes are especially poisonous."

"They are acts of domestic terrorism that target whole communities, not just individuals," he said. "This bill will bring greater protection to our citizens and much-needed resources for state and local law enforcement to fight these vicious crimes."

Other sponsors of the Senate bill include Sens. Susan Collins (R-Maine), Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) and Arlen Specter (D-Pa.). A Senate Judiciary Committee spokesperson said she didn't know when the committee would take up the legislation.

I do not believe the personnel in our court systems are sophisticated enough, including jurors, to understand how this law would be able to be spun to further take away our rights and to alter our culture in the direction the supporters want it to go. They ain't jabbering about traditional values.

This bad legislation. This is a bad idea. We have a Constitution that addresses this issue and this law will eventually lead to the First Amendment becoming completely illegal.

No free expression, no religion. How Robespierre. The state will be the only religion.

Swine Socialist Flu Comes To The United States

If only the U.S. had a Socialist health care system like Mexico or a Socialist economic system like so many other Socialist nations, then all the illegal aliens would go home. Why not suffer the same inadequate care and poverty near family and friends.

Mexico's health care on a pedestal
Universal coverage, seeking to reach tens of millions since 2003, has become a model for other nations

Mexico, socialist-dominated for most of the 20th century, has had socialized insurance plans since 1943, but only those with full-time jobs had access to free health care. That left out half of the country's population. Frenk, working for Mexico's first post-socialist government under President Vicente Fox, set out with specialists to create a plan that would bring universal health insurance to everyone who needed it - and that meant 50 million people. And he wanted it accomplished within seven years.

First Confirmed U.S. Swine Flu Death: Toddler Was Mexican or American?

The death of a child is tragic. The death of all persons fleeing a 'universal' or socialized form of medical care is a national disaster that is coming to the United States. The 23 month old child reportedly was from Mexico, who was in Brownsville when the child showed symptoms of the flu and was shipped to Houston and died. Other reports state that the child was brought to the United States from Mexico for treatment.

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Media Drumbeat Amplifies Coverage of Flu Outbreak

How ironic that the news is about a pork flu that may just increase into the ultimate pork, government universal health care, because only the government cares and only the government can. YES WE CAN! GOT HOPE? CHANGE!